By Seth McClung Special to Published Oct 06, 2011 at 9:47 AM

Calm down, Brewers fans, it's not time to hit the panic button! It is, however, time to familiarize yourself with where it is located.

Last night was a tough night for the Brewers on the mound. Randy Wolf very rarely hit his spots and it showed because the Snakes hit him and hit him hard. If the Brewers advance to the next round, you would have to give Narveson or Estrada a good look at being the fourth starter.

I remember in 2008 there was an issue with who would be the fourth starter. The powers that be went with Jeff Suppan over a young strapping redhead. Soup (great guy, good teammate) went three innings, allowing six hits, five runs and three home runs.

Now, it was easy for management to justify going with Soup after all they paid him a ton of money and he was the veteran. All I am saying is play in the now, do not let anything (money, past results) hinder your choice of who should be on the mound. Give it to the guy who is getting the job done.

The Bad

Randy Wolf was really out of sorts last night. It was just not a good match up for him. He was behind in the count all night and it showed with the Diamondbacks hammering strikes when they knew he had to throw them.

Losing tonight has really put Milwaukee in a bad spot for the next series, as their starting pitching would be messed up. It would go Zack Greinke, Marcum, then Yo (maybe). Had they won, Yo could have pitched Game One, Three and Seven.

The Good

Estrada pitched well, and I feel he may have a leg up on the next game four. You may want to look into who can go on short rest.

The O.K. but not great but not bad ... it's O.K.

The Brewers hitters had lots of opportunities to score but only chipped away in their scoring innings. This is a huge concern in the long run. You can't lean on just two players. Looks like we will, though, for one more game at Miller Park this year.

What I would do to be pitching in Milwaukee tomorrow (I miss you guys a lot; wouldn't mind coming back next year on a minor league deal, just saying ...) I look forward to watching the game and seeing the Milwaukee faithful screaming and cheering!


In my last post I said I hope it is the players in the dark jerseys to be doing the hitting. I had assumed that the Snakes would be wearing white and the Brewers wearing a darker shade ... my bad!!

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