By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published May 09, 2016 at 10:56 AM


Jon Snow has finally risen, and he’s the same valiant, respectable man that we all know and love – at least, we hope so. He remembered his whole life before death, as well every detail of his murder. He claimed to not have seen anything but darkness after he died, but I have a feeling that wasn’t exactly true. In a world full of unusual happenings, it’s hard to believe that Jon saw absolutely nothing when he died. But maybe I’m wrong.

Davos immediately tried to get Jon back on the path to righteousness and was met with resistance. Jon believed that he failed at his duties, so Davos told him to go fail again. Great advice, if you ask me. The world of Westeros is full of victories and failures, and getting stabbed multiple times is no excuse to be stagnant. Time to pick it up, Snow, and live life with twice the gusto as before.

The men of the Night’s Watch stood at Castle Black with the Wildlings to greet the resurrected Lord Commander, and with each hug and handshake, the brotherhood, love and friendship that he gave to them was felt immensely. Jon Snow isn’t just any man; he’s THE man. He may even be a god. He has the potential to save the world and bring everyone together, so let’s hope that he doesn’t go get stabbed again. When you think about it, he’s technically zombie, so if he does get stabbed, will he die? Questions that need answers, people.

Bran got another peek into the past with the Three-Eyed Raven. The flashback was that of a young Ned Stark, along with his closest friend, Howland Reed, and other soldiers on the day of a very important battle. They had to face the greatest swordsman Ned ever knew, Sir Arthur Dayne (one of Rhaegar’s soldiers), to save Lyanna at the Tower of Joy. This is a battle that everyone who knew Ned Stark knows very well, but it didn’t go the way we thought. He didn’t defeat the greatest swordsman; Reed stabbed Dayne in the back to save Ned’s life. That’s a pretty huge detail to mix up, don’t you think? Ned Stark was amongst the most honorable of men, so why did he tell such a fib for so long?

Just as Ned hears a squeal come from the tower where Lyanna’s resides, Bran eagerly attempted to follow him. Bran screamed for his father, and young Ned Stark actually turned around. Did he hear Bran? I think he did, and that’s why the Three-Eyed Raven was so eager to get Bran out of there. The Raven claims that the past is already written, and the ink is already dry, but I think it might be possible for the past to be influenced into a different outcome.

"Stay too long where you don’t belong, and you may never return," said the Raven. I’m starting to think that he keeps pulling Bran away from the important moments because his emotional attachment to them can cause the past to be affected by his actions. Nevertheless, he tells Bran that he needs to learn everything. I’m excited to see what "everything" really is.

Dany is having a bit of a failure to launch. She’s now in the company of the Dothraki widows, and they’re not impressed by her whatsoever. I mean, she’s the freaking Mother of Dragons – show some respect! These Dothraki have no remorse for Dany and strip her of her belongings and dignity, and hand her rags to put on. The wife of Khal Savo brought Dany down a few notches and made her realize that she’s now a nobody. That’s cold.

Cersei is out for revenge for Myrcella’s death, and anyone who’s even thought about her in a negative sense is free game to get got. She’s now employed "Little Birds" to be her eyes and ears at King’s Landing – and soon, all of Westeros. This is a pretty bold, yet very smart, move to make. She has the potential to know about all the moves in the other areas of Westeros, giving her and Jaime a heads up. Will that be enough to win, though? I doubt it.

King Tommen’s balls are finally dropping, everyone. The king finally found the courage to approach the High Sparrow, but that man is one tough cookie to crack. He wants Marjorie to begin to atone for her sins, and Cersei to continue to do so. We find that he actually envies a mother’s love – one more sin for him to atone for. Honestly, it’s going to take a lot of atoning for Cersei, or Marjorie, to be forgiven, so King Tommen better think of something fast.

Arya is still learning to be a beastie girl with no name. This little girl has been repeatedly torn down and built up by the perils of life. If Arya can’t make it, then I don’t know who can. Through her dedication, she was awarded her eyesight once more. Great job, Arya; you’re inspirational.

Back at Winterfell, Ramsay is trying to get everyone to bow down to him, but no one’s going to ever respect him enough to do so. One of his allies brought him a gift: Rickon Stark and Osha! Yes, Ms. Milk of the Poppy is back y’all. Rickon and Osha have always been in the back of my mind, and I hoped they wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands. Of course, they did.

Jon Snow had to execute all of the traitors of the Night’s Watch who murdered him. Before his death, Alliser said that he’d do it all over again because the Watch has always been dedicated to fighting the wildlings. "You’ll be fighting their battles forever," he said.

That statement stayed with Jon and probably always will. Something inside him clicked, he handed over his cloak and announced, "My watch is ended." Although his stint as Lord Commander was short, the next guy has some pretty big shoes to fill. The men of the Night’s Watch are obligated to keep their post at Castle Black until death, an event that Jon Snow is familiar with. He went beyond the walls of Castle Black, and I hope he’s on his way to Winterfell for a Stark reunion.

Until next week for another peek into the wonderful world of Westeros.

Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter

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