By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 21, 2001 at 5:07 AM

Garden walks have become a summer tradition in many cities with homeowners opening up their private gardens to enchant and inspire the public. Unfortunately this fad has not hit Milwaukee. But, is working with several downtown groups to bring a similar event to our city.

In the meantime, if you'd like to stroll gardens and learn about gardening at the same time we suggest you check out Lied's weekly garden walks and seminars in Sussex at N63 W22039 Highway 74. For more information call (262) 246-6901.

All walks are free and begin at 9 a.m.

Sat., April 21

Bring your pruners and join the staff at Lied's for a walk through the garden center for some hands on pruning. Come with all your specific questions on how to prune anything from trees and shrubs to perennials.

Sat., April 28

A discussion on how to select, plant and care for the fruit trees that grow well in the south eastern Wisconsin area.

Sat., May 51

Join Lied's for this seminar on how, when, and why to divide summer blooming perennials. Learn the tricks of the trade from some of Lied's best Horticulturists.

Sat., May 12

A seminar on the selection and maintenance of shrub roses. Learn what the experts consider some of the best and most maintenance free of the Shrub Roses.

Sat., May 19

A seminar on what it takes to create a natural environment in your yard to attract Butterflies and create a haven for them.

Sat., May 26

A seminar on how to container garden. Learn what you need to know about soil selection, plant selection, and the best way to care for your containers.

Sat., June 2

A seminar on how to plant a garden full of flowers for use in fresh and dry arrangements. Learn which flowers are best fresh and which ones are best dried and learn how to dry flowers for best effect.

Sat., June 2

There's a 10:30 a.m. garden walk on this day too! You will learn the pleasures of growing Peonies. This wonderful plant is a must in any perennial garden for the wonderful flower varieties they come in.

Sat., June 9, 2001

A hands on weed identification. Come prepared with your own weeds, learn what they are and the methods in which to control them.

Sat., June 16, 2001

At this exciting seminar on how to design and install your own prairie. Also learn the importance of proper long-term maintenance.

Sat., June 23, 2001

Join Lied's and learn all there is to learn about how to attract and keep Hummingbirds in your yard.

Sat., June 30, 2001

At this seminar you will learn what plants are good for ponds, pots and tubs, bringing the use of water as a landscape element into your yard.

Sat., July 7, 2001

At this seminar on summer pruning. you will learn what types of plants need a mid-season pruning and how to best prune these plants.

Sat., July 14, 2001

At this seminar on how to deter deer you will learn all approaches, from plants that deer don't like, to products that can be used to keep them away from plants they do like.

Sat., July 21, 2001

At this seminar on how to best control pests without using chemicals. Learn about the latest in organic products and how to companion plant, to help keep away pests.

Sat., July 28, 2001

Learn how to bring that shady spot in your yard alive with plants tolerant of shade. We will discuss the trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals that will do well in a location like this and help bring that dark spot alive with color.

Sat., August 4, 2001

Learn how best to maintain spring blooming perennials. Learn about dividing, replanting, and fertilizing them for best results next spring.

Sat., August 11, 2001

At this seminar on how a homeowner can grow their own berries for personal consumption, Lied's will discuss raspberries, strawberries, grapes, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries and currants.

Sat., August 18, 2001

At this seminar and walk, you will learn about the proper selection, application and storage of the different products available to the homeowner for pest control.

Sat., August 25, 2001

Just in time for fall, you will learn what types of annuals and perennials can go into your yard to make September and October even more colorful.

Sat., September 1, 2001

At this seminar on how to bring birds into your yard, you will learn what their needs are in the way of cover, food and nesting spots.

Sat., September 8, 2001

At this seminar Lied's will discuss their favorites when it comes to perennials that are long blooming and long lived.

Sat., September 15, 2001

At this seminar on bulbs you will learn to design with bulbs in mind and how to select the best of the best. We will also go over planting techniques.

Sat., September 22, 2001

At this seminar on how to best prepare your soil for planting Lied's will also go over the best way to leave your soil for the winter. They will discuss when, how and why you want to pay so much attention to soil preparation.

Sat., September 29, 2001

Learn about home composting. Turn your garbage into black gold for your garden.

Sat., October 6, 2001

At this seminar learn how to change your containers over to provide some additional fall color.

Sat., October 13, 2001

Learn the best way to clean and then store your garden tools, equipment and chemicals.

Sat., October 20, 2001

Learn how to protect, prune and pamper your plants, as needed, to help them make it through the winter.

Sat., October 27, 2001

At this seminar learn how to design and install plants that will bring interest into your yard in the dead of winter.