By Drew Olson Special to Published Oct 03, 2006 at 12:30 AM
Every week, the song on Monday night asks "Are you ready for some football?"

Green Bay’s answer, at least in this case, was a resounding "Not really."

In the first 30 minutes at Lincoln Financial Field, the Packers kept things interesting (relatively speaking, anyway; the score was close but it wasn’t really interesting). In the second half, Green Bay got buried in an avalanche of poor execution, penalties, dropped passes and bad decisions. Donovan McNabb and the Eagles offense shredded the Packers secondary -- Ahmad Carroll in particular -- for a series of big plays and the rout was on..

After Brett Favre left the game with a "stinger," the Packers moved into position for what would have been a meaningless but morale-boosting score and got stuffed on four running plays from inside the 2.

The final score: Philadelphia 31, Packers 9.

Here are some of the lowlights of another lost trip to Philadelphia, where the Packers haven’t won a game since 1962:


The main storylines heading into the game were injuries to both marquee running backs. Ahman Green is out for Green Bay. Brian Westbrook is sidelined for Philadelphia. That means the door is open for Vernand Morency (Packers) and Correll Buckhalter of Philadelphia to grab the spotlight.

One Packers subplot to watch: Brandon Miree starting at fullback for veteran William Henderson. For the Eagles, cornerback Joselio Hanson will be under the gun. He’s starting for injured Lito Sheppard.


14:55 -- Morency gets no gain on his first carry. That’s not a good sign.

The TV networks always feel the need to set the starting lineups and the ESPN crew chose to have one player introduce the others on his unit. Bubba Franks introduced the Packers’ line, using nicknames like Mark "The Biscuit" Tauscher and "the man who needs no introduction, Brett "The Gunslinger" Favre."

Favre completes a pass to Morency and ESPN drops a surprising graphic. Ahman Green has carried the ball 58 times in the Packers’ first three games. The rest of the team has accounted for nine carries.

13:35 -- Franks is whistled for a false start. Maybe he’s still geeked from introducing the offense.

13:19 -- Favre throws incomplete for Jennings. Doesn’t he usually try to hit Donald Driver with the first pass? No matter. Jon Ryan booms a 59-yard punt. The Packers bungle the coverage but get a break on a penalty.

13:02 -- Eagles tackle Jon Runyan introduces his teammate. Rather than going guy by guy, he gives an overview of each segment of the team and why it’s important. They say linemen are cerebral. Runyan apparently wanted to prove it.

12:20 -- On third and nine, McNabb is sacked by Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. The MNF crew is ready for that. Tirico points out that KGB has 11 ½ sacks in 11 games on Monday Night. Too bad most of the games are on Sunday.

Overtime: Tony Kornheiser just made his first reference to his fantasy team. He missed the memo that says nobody cares about your golf round or your fantasy team. Somebody call Burt Reynolds and Jerome Bettis and make it a man law.

Jeremiah Trotter handles the intros for the Eagles defense. The man looks like he has a future in broadcasting.

10:07 -- Capitalizing on a roughing the passer penalty, the Packers mount an eight-play drive that stalls with three incompletions to Driver and nets a short field goal by Dave Rayner. We get a cheesehead and cheesesteak reference from our MNF crew. Green Bay 3, Philadelphia 0.

Overtime: A.J. Hawk introduces the Packers defense. He’s enthusiastic, but not particularly smooth.

6:20 -- The Eagles are driving when McNabb and Burkhalter botch an exchange. Nick Barnett beaks Hawk to the ball and the Packers take over on their own 3.

Overtime: When Eagles coach Andy Reid gets older, he’s going to look just like Wilfred Brimley!

Keep an eye on Buckhalter the rest of the night. Over the last few years, Packers opponents who screw up in games seem to have a knack for making amends.

3:51 -- Morency is showing some burst at the line, clicking off some six-yard gains. Maybe he’s the next Samkon Gado.

1:36 -- Franks can’t get separation from Dhani Jones, who breaks up a pass. Is Franks a more disappointing draft pick than Ahmad Carroll? It’s a tough call.

1:21 -- ESPN just hauled out their "pass track" feature that tells us that Donovan McNabb’s pass is equivalent to a 97-mph fastball in baseball. Somehow, I’d rather face McNabb’s heater than Billy Wagner’s.

1:16 -- Buckhalter catches a pass for 28 yards. What were we saying about redemption?

Overtime: I’ve always liked Suzy Kolber’s work, both in the studio and on the sideline. This week, I can’t watch her without thinking of the recent comments by Giants veteran tackle Bob Whitfield. Asked by a New Jersey newspaper "whose backfield would you like to see in motion?" Whitfield said: "What's her name? Oh, Suzy Kolber. I know why Joe Namath made a pass at Suzy. Yeah. I mean, she's a very, very excellent reporter. Knows her stuff. Knows her sports. Really does. And she's kind of thick in the britches. She's got a nice saddle. She's got a very nice saddle. You don't have to be drunk to make a pass at that saddle."

First quarter ends. Packers 3, Eagles 0.


Overtime: ESPN hits us with a montage of Bobby Clarke, Wilt and Joe Frazier. No videos of rowdy fans fighting at the old Vet.

14:20 -- Favre throws another pass for Franks, which is broken up. How does Bubba ever get open?

14:17 -- Mike Tirico and Joe Thiesman seem stunned that the game is close. So is most of Wisconsin.

13:37 -- Kornheiser just said that Favre could play next year. Can’t we wait until November or December to start worrying about that?

Overtime: So, they’re going to interview Steve McNair during the game to preview next week’s game? Couldn’t they wait until halftime for that? Oh, and those Eagles cheerleader cutaways will probably be the most Tivoed moments of the broadcast.

11:48 -- Woodson breaks up a pass intended for Reggie Brown and is slightly shaken up. Many in Wisconsin are also floored, because Woodson hasn’t made many plays.

10:48 -- After a couple completions to L.J. Smith, Buckhalter fumbles again inside the five. Yikes! If this keeps up, the Packers could win.

10:30 -- Scratch that. The Packers fumble in the red zone. Eagles’ ball.

9:47 -- McNabb sprints six yards for the score. Eagles 7, Packers 6.

5:37 -- The Packers mount another drive that ends in a field goal, this one a 54-yarder. Eagles 7, Packers 6.

1:47 -- The Packers drive 42 yards in nine plays for another field goal, a 46-yarder. Packers 9, Eagles 6.

0:01 -- The Eagles drive for a field goal then, inexplicably, try a fake. The Packers defend.

Halftime: Packers 9, Eagles 6.


8:24 -- Ryan Moats has replaced Butterfingers Buckhalter and the Eagles drive 15 plays right out of the gate and get a 40-yard field goal from David Akers. Given the efficiency of that drive, it looks like the Packers had better do something on their first possession. Eagles 10, Packers 9.

5:57 -- Rayner misses a 54-yard field goal.

5:15 -- McNabb hits Greg Lewis for a 45-yard touchdown. Carroll was burned on the play. Years ago, fans sent Terrell Buckley toast in the mail. Carroll could open a bakery with the way he’s playing. Eagles 17, Packers 9.

4:00 -- After a Favre interception, McNabb hooks up with Lewis again, this time for a 30-yard score. Eagles 24, Packers 9.

:52 -- The Packers drive into Eagles territory, but Favre makes a horrible decision on a deep pass in the middle of the field. Eschewing two checkdowns, he forces a ball toward Donald Lee and it is intercepted. This game is just about over.


12:47 -- Now, it’s over. McNabb scrambles for another touchdown. Eagles 31, Packers 9.

6:19 -- Nothing good can happen now. Favre gets a "stinger" and gives way to Aaron Rodgers. The Packers gag on a goal-line situation. The last quarter takes forever to play out. Only the diehards are still watching now.

:01 -- You can almost hear TV sets clicking off across the state, the sound accompanied by gnashing of teeth and ripping of Bob Sanders, Kurt Schottenheimer and Ahmad Carroll.
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