By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 03, 2016 at 12:26 PM

After a long wait, we're finally getting a new "Ghostbusters" movie. And after a shorter, but still fairly significant wait, we're finally getting to see what it's going to look like. 

This morning, the first official trailer for the Paul Feig-helmed ("Bridesmaids," "Spy") reboot dropped online, and – yep! – it sure looks a lot like "Ghostbusters."

A LOT like "Ghostbusters." 

I mean, of course you've got the original theme song – both in classic and slowed-down-for-peak-nostalgia form. You've got the firehouse and the Ecto-1 again. You've got Slimer again. All those classic callbacks are fine (and that's not including the cameos already revealed), but then you get to the meat of the trailer, and boy, it sure does seem like it's just selling the same movie again. The characters feel mostly the same from this brief glance – with Leslie Jones updating the Winston-esque tag-along – and a lot of the moments teased in the trailer seem awfully familiar to the original beloved blockbuster. 

Then I read this quote from an io9 interview with Feig, producer Ivan Reitman and writer Katie Dippold:

Make no mistake, despite the cameos, and the recognizable people, places and music, this new Ghostbusters is a reboot, not a sequel. The film-makers wanted to start from scratch, so this world, and these characters, would have to earn their place. 

"To say ghosts have existed for 30 years [would be] a different world," Dippold said. "In the original it’s so fun to see the ghosts unleashed for the first time and we didn’t want to skip over it." 

Plus, Feig added, "I didn’t like the idea of them being handed technology. I wanted to see it developed."

But I've already seen that movie (twice, if you include "Ghostbusters 2" just retreading the same thing out again, too). And the one you describe – a world where humans not only know ghosts exist, but have been capturing or coexisting with them for three decades – sounds incredible! I haven't seen a film like that! Imagine what an interesting direction that could be for the franchise, following the Ghostbusters coping with the new problems of their industry – business competitors, the ethics of busting ghosts, changing technology, the legacy of Ghostbusters, the Internet, etc. 

That sounds like an actually NEW "Ghostbusters" movie, rather than just more of what we liked before. Plus, if you want this world and characters to have to "earn their place," why have them do the same stuff again and be so tethered to the old?


We've all officially seen exactly two minutes and 37 seconds of this new "Ghostbusters." I'll wait to pass official judgment on the film when I, you know, actually see the film (it comes out on July 15). And sure, the lukewarm trailer plays like it's selling the same thing again because when you make a "Ghostbusters" movie, you sell people a "Ghostbusters" movie. You sell what people know and like, and perhaps the final, full product will end up being a completely different animal. 

Plus, I like everyone involved here. Paul Feig is a very clever, smart comedy director, and he knows how to get good, fun performances out of his casts. And the cast he's assembled here is loaded with some incredibly funny ladies (something that's caused a lot of – and let's be generous about this – sexist, frothing-at-the-mouth, man-child dipsh*ts to be sexist, frothing-at-the-mouth, man-child dipsh*ts on the Internet, the world's number one source for sexist, frothing-at-the-mouth, man-child dipsh*ttery). 

Wiig is a great, crafty comedy performer (she was in last year's Golden Globe-winning Best Comedy "The Martian" after all!), Jones can be a hilarious powerhouse and it looks like Kate McKinnon is going to be a real scene-stealer (she already does it on "SNL"), taking on a loony character that played like one of the few seemingly new, fresh things the preview had to offer. And I know some of you may eyeroll at Melissa McCarthy, but her partnerships with Feig ("Bridesmaids," "The Heat" and "Spy") are all quite funny. They work well together, avoiding the dumb potshots on which many of her other movies rely. 

This trailer isn't the finest showcase for all of those things, but I trust all of these people enough to still be board through a lackluster first look (a lot of Feig's very-funny movies have meh-at-best trailers). So I ain't afraid of no "Ghostbusters" reboot; I just ain't exactly in love with this first glimpse of it. 

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