By Julie Lawrence Special to Published Mar 08, 2009 at 5:25 AM

Three artists from Milwaukee are part of a national effort that pays homage to the ultimate rock and roll accessory: the hand-screenprinted concert poster.

Clay Hayes, founder of, a Web site and message board showcasing "the worlds largest historical gig poster archive," has put together a compilation of rock show art in the form of an interactive book.

"Gig Posters Volume I: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century" (Quirk Books) is a 208-page paperback featuring 101 perforated and ready-to-hang 11x17-in. posters designed by artists from around the globe. The book, which hits the proverbial shelves June 1 for $40, also includes hundreds of other concert-related images and biographies on the 101 designers.

"It took a long time to narrow down the list to 101," says Hayes, who has been dealing in gig posters since his site launched in 2001. "We looked at popularity, band names, various styles and physical locations. There are almost 8,000 designers on the site, so it was a very tough job."

Since he wasn't able to include every artist he would have liked to, Hayes promises there will be future volumes of the book.

Three artists that made the cut are from Milwaukee: The Little Friends of Printmaking, Warped Tour artist Brain Ewing (who now lives in Los Angeles) and musician / designer Josh Rickun.

Rickun has been designing posters for national bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists, Girl Talk and The Black Keys and Wisconsinites Bon Iver and The French Horn Rebellion since 2006.

The Little Friends of Printmaking, who were recently included in the Milwaukee-made film "Handmade Nation," area a husband and wife creative team who have done graphics for Nike, NPR, "Guitar Hero I and II," as well as eons of posters for bands, both local and national.

"Gig Posters" is available for purchase via the Gig Posters Web site.

Here is the full list of featured gig poster artists:
3d Glasses, Adam Turman, Aesthetic Apparatus, Alan Forbes, Allen Jaeger, Amy Jo, Andrio Abero, Andy Vastagh, Beyond The Pale, Billy Perkins, Bobby Dixon, Bongout, Brad Klausen, Brian Ewing, Budai, Burlesque of North America, Casey Burns, Cricket Press, Crosshair, Dale Flattum, Dan Grzeca, Dan McCarthy, Dan Stiles, Daniel Danger, Delicious, Denny Schmickle, Diana Sudyka, Dirk Fowler, Drew Millward, Drowning Creek Studio, DWITT, Eleanor Grosch, Emek, Engine House 13, FarmBarn Art Co., Firehouse, Furturtle Printworks, Gary Houston, Gregg Gordon, Guy Burwell, Hero Design Studio, Invisible Creature, Ironforgepress, James Rheem Davis, Jamie Ward, Jared Connor, Jason Goad, Jay Ryan, Jay Vollmar, Jeph, Jermaine Rogers, Joanna Wecht, Johnny Crap, Jon Smith, Josh Rickun, Judge, Justin Hampton, Justin Kamerer, Largemammal Print, Leia Bell, Lil Tuffy, Little Jacket, Lonny Hurley, Lonny Unitus, Luke Drozd, Lure Design, Malleus, Mark Pedini, Mat Daly, Methane Studios, Micah Smith, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Mig Kokinda, Mike King, Nate Duval, Patent Pending, Powerhouse Factories, Powerslide Design Co., Print Mafia, Rob Jones, Ron Liberti, Ryan Nole, Sasha Barr, Scrojo, Seripop, Squad 19, Stainboy, Steve Walters, Strawberryluna, Tanxxx, Tara McPherson, The Decoder Ring Design Concern, The Heads Of State, The Little Friends Of Printmaking, The Small Stakes, Thomas Scott, Tim Gough, Todd Slater, Vahalla Studios, Zach Hobbs, Zeloot.

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