By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 23, 2021 at 10:01 AM

The following piece is in partnership with VISIT Milwaukee and Giving Fest.

You may have been stuck indoors during this incredibly snowy winter, but if you've been participating in this year's virtual Giving Fest, it probably didn't feel that way. The virtual festival took you to city landmarks big and small, through time telling stories of local history, to the bar to learn about libations, to kitchens across the city to cook up some delicious dishes and so much more – all while supporting local businesses and creators struggling during the ongoing pandemic.

And now, for its grand finale, Giving Fest will take you to the lakefront to light up the night – a one-of-a-kind celebration with no screens necessary. 

On Saturday, Feb. 27, Giving Fest will host a special light show on the Hoan Bridge to bring its month-and-a-half-long fundraising celebration to a spectacular close. 

The glow-up will begin, complete with audio accompaniment courtesy of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee found either on your car radio or phone, at 7 p.m. – though Giving Fest recommends snagging some takeout from a nearby local restaurant before settling in your parking spot. Free parking will be made available in the southern lots at Henry Maier Festival Park on a first come, first served basis, and attendees will be required to stay in their cars during the show to keep things safely social distanced (though it is still winter, so you'll want to stay in the heat of your vehicle anyway). For more information, including helpful directions to the available parking lots, click here

Just because the finale's in sight, however, doesn't mean Giving Fest is over! There are still plenty of awesome events still on deck for this final week – including a cookie decoration class to make your sweet treats look even sweeter, a meditative yin session perfect for soothing out the seasonal affective disorder, a virtual tour through the Pabst Brewery buildings (BYOB), a thirst-inducing intro course on champagne courtesy of Story Hill BKC, a virtual performance from State Fair favorite Bobby Friss, a tour through one of the Harley-Davidson Museum's galleries and much more.

So don't miss out on your final chance to get and give. After all, what else are you gonna do this frosty, distanced winter? Shovel the driveway for the 37th time?

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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