By Becky Roozen Published Aug 26, 2004 at 5:07 AM

{image1}Four pedicure chairs for pretty toes, three manicure tables and treatment rooms for facials, waxing and stress-melting massages, two veteran salon owners and one accomplished staff all surrounded by soft and soothing browns, creams and greens.

That's what you'll find at Glow, 765 N. Jackson St., a brand-new get-away salon, that opens Thursday, Aug. 26.

Maia Hanson, who's been in the salon business since 1979, and her brother Greg Holm, an interior designer at Peabody's in Whitefish Bay, have owned Hair & Things in Waukesha since 1996 and have, she says, "always wanted to do something downtown, but it was just kind of a pipe dream."

The pair heard it through the grapevine that the Van Buren group was in search of a salon/spa for its new building.

"And we jumped on it because the location is just so amazing, and there is just such a need for a salon down here," says Hanson, who is a stylist herself.

"There are smaller salons, but to be on the ground level in a highly visible spot and to provide services for our clients who live down here and come out to Waukesha, there needs to be something here, substantial and visible," she adds. And those are their intentions for Glow.

{image2}There's everything a person needs to be properly pampered. Along with the usual care of hair and nails, there are a few extra perks inside Glow's doors.

To start, stylist Tony Flanders, who has been working in New York's top salons for the past 12 years, is part of the staff.

"He is just amazing and kind and soothing," Hanson says. "He gives just an absolutely beautiful haircut, beautiful styles, up 'dos, and he's just right on top of the world in New York City. And he'll continue to be there one week out of the month and continue to bring whatever is new back to us."

Hanson's sister, Kali McDonell is another asset to Glow. She started doing hair straight out of high school and has an amazing clientele consisting of some area celebrities from her previous job at the Pfister salon, says Hanson. "She does a lot of important Milwaukee business people, and she and Tony are very much alike in their style and demeanor."

To add to the mix of it, there's Kristy Seegers, a color educator with Matrix, mixing up the hues.

"Our color line, I think, is the most beautiful color line out there. And we have amazing support with our color line and our other manufacturers as far as education," Hanson says. "And we're really good at corrective color which is a tricky business."

Not only do they have a color educator, but Hanson also strongly believes in frequent training for her staff. "We do a ton of education, somebody's always going somewhere, or we're having somebody in the salon for training. We've been to two events with Matrix, which you have to be one of their top 100 salons in the United States or Canada."

And to fully indulge in Glow and it's experienced staff, there is a coffee bar and juice bar stocked with drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

But what Hanson takes the most pride in is the way her customers will be treated.

"It's sad but true," she says. "But many salons make you feel like you're being scrutinized, like you don't look good enough to walk in the door." She calls Glow, "a unique environment that is friendly and welcoming.

"We really want to take care of people and nurture them while they're there, and that's our goal."

Customers can purchase Graham Webb or Aveda hair and skin care and makeup. Hanson will probably adopt a third product line later on.

Glow is open Tuesday-Saturday. ("I'm going to try and be flexible with the hours, too, just because it's hard to know what people are going to want down here," Hanson says.) Call (414) 727-4569 for more information or an appointment.