By Richie Burke Contributor Published Aug 27, 2020 at 4:01 PM

Without a doubt, the decision as to whether we send our students back to school has been one of the biggest decisions to be made during COVID.

Should we go back to school? What legalities do schools need to deal with? What’s it like being an "at-risk" parent with two kids? What has it been like being an MPS teacher with all the uncertainty? What has it been like running programs for the Boys and Girls Club and having to adapt? 

With all the uncertainty going on right now I was lucky to be joined by:

  • Alyssa Molinski, an MPS K3 teacher 

  • Alana Leffler, an attorney that specializes in education

  • Andre Douglas, Director of the Grad Plus program at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

  • Dena Carreyn, speaker and "at-risk" parent of two children (one at-risk, one not)

Each stepping up to the challenge in a different way, this week’s guests have been impacted by COVID and are doing something to make education better. Leffler is advising schools as to how they can reach service standards for online education, Douglas is working to make the Grad Plus program as successful as possible in these times, Carreyn is supporting her at-risk daughter and speaking out about the importance of following CDC guidelines, and Molinski is learning to teach virtually.

Whether you have a child in the school system or not, the decision as to whether students should go back to school impacts the economy, the spread of COVID and, obviously, education! Listen in for great conversations that aren’t being had enough.