By Richie Burke Contributor Published Apr 06, 2020 at 5:01 PM

Many of us have passions that started when we were young. Maybe it’s painting, cooking, cross-stitching, playing a musical instrument or something completely outside of the creative realm. For most people, their hobby stays a hobby; it’s something they can come back to when they need to unwind after a long day, or in rare cases, maybe they’re lucky enough to generate a little side income with their talents.

But what happens when you get bit by the bug at a seriously young age?‌ For David Hackbarth, the obsession with wedding production and DJing started at just 10 years old when he joined his brother’s business. By 14, his mom was dropping him off to DJ his first wedding, and the rest is history. 

Since then, he’s handled over 1300 weddings, and as we’ll learn in this episode, it’s about so much more than just the music. When you’re the production company in charge of an event, you’re helping orchestrate the whole evening and keep things moving.

In 2017, David started his own business, motivated by the birth of his son, Brody. In that short amount of time, he’s handled over 250 events and learned a lot about what it takes to run a business.

Tune into this episode of‌ The GoGedders Podcast to hear how David started and grew his business, take a peek behind the curtain of the wedding industry and hear a few stories about the unexpected things that can happen when you’re out on a gig!