By Richie Burke Contributor Published Aug 20, 2020 at 10:06 AM

We’re all excited for what will hopefully be a long Bucks playoff run – but what’s it really like inside the NBA bubble in Orlando? We were lucky to be able to touch base with someone who is inside of the bubble every single day: DJ Shawna, official team DJ and just one of four DJs in the world allowed in the locked-off NBA competition grounds. 

I first met DJ Shawna when she came on episode 40 of the GoGedders Podcast over two years ago. Since then, it has been great to see the former UW basketball player-turned-DJ’s career really take off. Along with being the official DJ of the Bucks, Shawna has also DJ’d the Women’s Final Four and the College World Series, opened for Lizzo at Summerfest, serves the official DJ for Wisconsin Badgers football, wrote the book "The Adventures of Bob and Downtown Milwaukee," founded "Dare to Be Clothing" and still DJs locally (at least before the pandemic) at Walker’s Pint where it all started for her.

And who would’ve thought that now she would be living in what is one of the greatest social experiments sports has ever seen.

In the episode, we cover a lot of ground – from the process that Shawna had to go through to get into the bubble, including a seven-day quarantine in her hotel room, to what life is like on a daily basis living in the same resort as all the NBA superstars. We also discuss her experience having to DJ against the Milwaukee Bucks, how the NBA has pulled this off so well compared to other leagues, and the Black Lives Matter movement that has been at the forefront of the bubble and the NBA restart.