By Lyndsey Hass Published Jan 27, 2022 at 4:01 PM

Kimberly Kane is the president and CEO of Kane Communications Group. She is an award-winning journalist and public relations practitioner. Her firm works with executives to align business strategy communications, define brands, build reputations and inspire business results. With these goals in mind, Kane began research on The Great Resignation. 

In the newest episode of GoGedders, Kimberly Kane joined host Richie Burke to discuss what is causing The Great Resignation and why women are the ones leading the charge. Throughout the episode, Kane went over several statistics – many of which are quite alarming – and what employers should be doing to retain their employees better.


The first statistic that Kane mentions is sure to grab anyone's attention: "50% of working women in the state of Wisconsin are actively looking to quit their jobs. That's 25% higher than the national average." According to Kane, this high number can be attributed to the fact that women feel undervalued by their employers. Specifically, "42% of African American women in Wisconsin feel that they're undervalued by their employer and 63% of African American women in Wisconsin feel their values don't align with their employers." Again, a shocking statistic considering all of the money companies are putting towards diversity and inclusion.

With those statistics in mind, we need to ask ourselves: What are companies doing wrong? And what can they do to change? Kane mentioned, "We didn't just want to release statistics; we wanted to give employers informed actionable recommendations that they could deploy in their company to become an employer of choice to retain women and become an employer of choice for women of color." 

According to Kane, The Great Resignation is far from over. Companies need to start making internal changes to retain their employees. Learn more on The Great Resignation and what employers should be doing in the full episode.

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