By Richie Burke Contributor Published Sep 04, 2020 at 2:01 PM

Since the Jacob Blake shooting, the media has shown us how Kenosha has turned into a place of contention and destruction. In this episode of The GoGedders Podcast, we cut through the media narrative and talk candidly to three active Kenosha community leaders about what’s really happening in their hometown.

The bottom line? Don’t always believe what you hear.

We’re joined by my good college friend and Kenosha resident Justin Whitehead (Tiger); Nicole Thomsen, executive director of 1Hope; and Pastor Roy Peeples to talk about their reactions and what the town has experienced since the events.

Some things we cover: 

  • Who is actually causing the rioting and violence amidst the protests?

  • What it was like emotionally seeing the shooting video for the first time?

  • Residents' views on local law enforcement

  • Some of the root causes in Kenosha that led to this tragic event

  • What it’s like having your hometown politicized during a tragedy 

  • How the city is coming together and building back, and why there is hope for a better future 

Tune in for an important episode telling the real story of what is happening in Kenosha and how actual residents are being affected by what is happening there.