By Lyndsey Hass Published Mar 22, 2022 at 2:01 PM

Pat Connaughton has been a prevalent figure within the Milwaukee community, both on and off the court, since he arrived. Not only is Pat one of the Bucks' star players, but he's also a real estate developer. Along with Pat, host Richie Burke is joined by Joe Stanton, Pat's childhood best friend and business partner at Three Leaf Development. Pat and Joe share some really great stories about their times together, so many in fact that the episode had to be split into two parts.


In part one, Pat and Joe recall the past year's events and discuss how their lives have essentially become an episode in the show "Entourage." When talking about their lives post-championship, Joe mentioned, "It just kept getting better and better." Along with post-championship life, these two dish out stories you've never heard before, like transporting the Larry O'Brien trophy from Milwaukee to Massachusetts, the behind-the-scenes of the All-Star Weekend and even meeting Bill Clinton while half-naked.

Pat also declares his love for Milwaukee and why he believes the Bucks are on their way to further success.

"One of the reasons I love playing in Milwaukee, and one of the reasons I want to play in Milwaukee for a long time, is when you have a makeup of a team with a Giannis, a Khris, a Jrue, with a leadership group that is so about winning, that is so not about personal attention, personal stats, all those sorts of things, you have a chance to be a championship contender for who knows, a handful of years – ten years, you never really know, right?" Pat expressed. "But that is what I think the owners, and John, and Coach Bud have been trying to build here in Milwaukee."

And build a great franchise they have! 

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This episode is a great opportunity to get to know Bucks player Pat Connaughton on a deeper level. Listening to this episode feels like sitting down for a drink with your best friends and just discussing life. After tuning in, you'll see Bucks' player number 24 in a different light.

Tune in to part one – and stay tuned for the release of part two, coming soon!

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