By Richie Burke Contributor Published Apr 02, 2020 at 4:01 PM

Today, The GoGedders Podcast is publishing what may be my favorite episode of all time. It’s raw, uncut and inspiring. In this time when we see businesses and organizations close and adapt but don’t know the story behind it, it’s special to actually hear from the people at the helm.

In this podcast, we gave ten business owners each five minutes to just talk about what they are facing and how they are adapting to this pandemic. We got a diverse group of business leaders – from food service to education to charities and entertainment – to talk about not only how their organizations have been impacted, but how they have pivoted and what they see for the future. 

I think the reason this podcast means so much to me is because we usually only see the surface level of what is happening to businesses. Yet, in this podcast, business owners talk about what is happening behind-the-scenes and how it makes them feel. 

Listen in to hear how ten diverse local business leaders are adapting to this pandemic. We talk about how they have been affected, what businesses have done to pivot and any silver linings they see for the future.

On the episode (in order): 

  • Evan Hughes and Pat McQuillan – Central Standard Distillery 
  • Steph Daves – Waxwing
  • Becky Pinter – MACC Fund 
  • Kyle Weatherly – Front Desk 
  • Mike Malatesta – ERC Midwest 
  • Edward DeShazer – Holy Temple Christian Academy
  • Jake Dehne – Red White & Blue, SIN Network, local Airbnb owner 
  • Trueman McGee – Funky Fresh Spring Rolls 
  • Christine Specht – Cousins Subs 
  • DJ Hines – Christian Faith Fellowship 

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