By Richie Burke Contributor Published Mar 20, 2020 at 12:59 PM

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in Milwaukee. From the Bucks cruising with the NBA’s best record to the season being postponed indefinitely, restaurants and bars going from fully-functional to takeout and delivery only, small business owners and corporations alike being hit hard, and many more struggles — it’s tough to know how to handle it all.

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So what do we make of all this? Lucky for us, MMAC President Tim Sheehy was nice enough to come on the show on short notice to shed some light on the situation. During our talk, Tim let us know what’s going on behind the scenes and gave some advice to corporations, small business owners and the rest of us Milwaukeeans. Listen in to learn about how to handle COVID in both the coming weeks and months.

Sheehy identified three phases every Milwaukee company is dealing with. First is the crisis. Then, the second phase will develop: reemergence. Finally, the third phase: the new normal.

"To the extent companies can, they need to be working on all three at once," he said. "You can’t kind of waterfall through each step."

While Sheehy acknowledges that this is a challenging time for businesses, he thinks Milwaukee has the ability to act collectively and have an impact on how we come out the other side as a community.

We’ll also touch on:

  • What flattening the curve looks like for businesses 

  • The effect on the DNC, Bucks playoff run and Ryder Cup

  • How local and federal governments can assist businesses and citizens 

  • The best way to support Milwaukee businesses right now 

  • How small businesses and corporations should handle the situation 

  • What our city will look like after COVID-19, and how we’ll bounce back