By Lyndsey Hass Published Mar 06, 2023 at 4:01 PM

Those with their thumb on the economic environment (and perhaps even those that don’t) would all agree that 2022 was a volatile year. From the aftermath of COVID-19 and the beginning of Russia’s war in Ukraine, global inflation was practically inevitable. Though it is now 2023 and we’re all wondering: Will this year be more of the same?

We're well into 2023, and with a new year comes a fresh economic outlook. In the latest episode of The GoGedders, host Richie Burke sits down with Brian Andrew, Chief Investment Officer at Johnson Financial Group, to discuss what we can expect the economy to look like in 2023.


This GoGedders episode briefly recounts the events that have led us to where we are economically today; however, it really aims to prepare the listeners for financial success in 2023. Brian answers the tough questions, like whether or not we’re heading for a recession, how economic growth is measured and why the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate from 4.25 to 4.5%. They also touch on stock prices, NASDAQ, the housing marketing, crypto, the importance of what’s happening in China and what you should be aware of heading further into 2023.

There’s a lot of ground covered, but you don’t want to miss this one if you’re looking to set yourself up for financial success for the rest of the year.

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