By Richie Burke Contributor Published Oct 21, 2020 at 1:21 PM

With the election only two weeks away and a slew of mixed messages from traditional media, I thought it’d be a good time to have one of the brightest nonpartisan minds in politics on the show.

This week's guest is Steven Olikara, a Milwaukee native and founder of the Millennial Action Project, an organization that seeks to inspire young people to get involved and bridge the increasingly stark partisan gap in U.S. politics. 

In 2017, at the age of just 26, Olikara made the Forbes Under 30 list for law and politics, and has continued to share a message of partisan unity since, flipping the dated adage, “There’s nothing in the middle but yellow lines and dead armadillos.”

On the show, I was eager to discuss a number of topics and had a lot of questions of my own, including: 

  • How did Trump, an underdog, rise to power, defeating not only Republican candidates, but Hiliary Clinton?
  • Why is Biden the Democratic Party’s candidate? 
  • How are these contrasting campaign strategies going to play out?
  • How is the economy at an all-time high in the midst of a pandemic – and will it help Trump?
  • How did Trump getting COVID affect the election? 
  • What happens if Trump loses, but refuses to concede and transfer power?

We dive into all of those topics and much more on this week’s episode of The GoGedders Podcast.

It was refreshing having Steven on the show. As a self-proclaimed radical bridge builder, his work through the Millennial Action Project has helped to unite both parties in a country that’s more divided than ever. He speaks very critically about ending division and corruption in politics, and in a time where everything is hyperpolarized and over-politicized, it’s a nice take to hear.

It’s an interesting episode and truly an important one. Please take a listen, pass it along and, most importantly, make sure to cast your ballot this year.

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