By Richie Burke Contributor Published Jan 18, 2021 at 5:01 PM

Did you know that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February and 95% of diet programs fail no matter what time of the year you start? 2020 was a tough year for many of us, and 2021 brings a fresh start with new goals and expectations. 

To help you get sustainable mentally and physically fit to kick off the new year, we brought on Justine Sloan, a health and mindset coach and former female bodybuilder, as well as Coach Ambrose WB, the founder of MISPIBO, a virtual health and wellness lifestyle company that creates personalized paths to well-being through exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness coaching.


“The biggest mistake that people make is just being way too extreme – going way too hard, expecting way too much of themselves and trying to change too many things all at once,” Justine explained on the podcast.

Biting off more than we can chew sets us up for a mental and physical backlash – it just isn’t sustainable. When someone restricts themselves of something, whether it be a diet or a certain lifestyle, the body’s hormones try to balance and counter these deficiencies. So, say you are cutting out carbs from your diet, then your body is going to adapt to survive, most likely resulting in cravings for these sugary, carb-loaded foods. This is when many people fall off their diets and cave. Many diets just aren’t realistic.

“My big thing when I’m working with clients is I want it to be easy, sustainable and fun," Justine said. "Small hinges swing big doors."

Coach Ambrose agreed with Justine about how small changes can lead to big results, stating the importance of creating healthy, sustainable habits.

“I don’t think people have the habits of their goals; they just get excited about the end result." he said on the podcast. "But the process of it all are the habits you have to do day-in and day-out. So I think … understanding how habits work would help people with their goals a lot better."

If you want to hear some more of the great tips and advice that Justine and Ambrose gave on the podcast, follow the link below and give the full episode a listen. Make 2021 your best, and healthiest, year yet!

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