By Richie Burke Contributor Published Nov 18, 2020 at 8:46 PM

After seeing huge success last year, Women’s Entrepreneurship Week (WEW) Milwaukee is back, going on now with events taking place through Nov. 20. The events are designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business by showcasing, educating, and connecting women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Like many other plans this year, COVID-19 has forced the women behind WEW Milwaukee to rethink and adapt their plans in order to make it safe for attendees. After having to reschedule the event, which was going to take place in May, they decided to host the event virtually, opening the event up to people beyond the Milwaukee area.


All are welcome to attend; the organizers are encouraging those at any point in the business-development process to attend, as well as men, to make sure that the (Zoom) room is as diverse as possible and representative of Milwaukee. 

“I remember going to networking events and being one of 10 percent of women in a room of 90 percent men, and once more, you have women there who typically look the same – same age, same race, are cis-gendered ... When there is no diversity in the room, that is not really a room I am interested in being in because it is just an echo chamber of the same ideas,” WEW Milwaukee co-founder Jenny Weeden said on our podcast. 

In 2019, the event pulled in over 3,000 attendees. With the events being held virtually this year, organizers are hoping that they will be able to draw in attendees from beyond the Milwaukee area, reaching those around the globe who want to join these important conversations.

Deanna Singh – a Milwaukee leader, champion to marginalized communities, and an expert in designing and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges – kicked off WEW with a keynote speech at on Tuesday, Nov. 17. There will also be events on:

  • Building a network you can trust 
  • How to break gender barriers in industries like tech 
  • Many opportunities for meet-and-greet and networking sessions 
  • And so much more! 

Checkout the complete line-up of events on their website.

One of the main events this year, which the organizers are very excited for, is the inaugural virtual pitch competition. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a slew of prizes, including a $5,000 cash prize, a one year membership to Scale Up Milwaukee, a six-month complimentary private office at Serendipity Labs, consultation and coaching sessions from local experts, and so much more! There will also be prizes for the runner-up and the audience favorite.

The women behind the week, co-founders Jackie Hermes, Jenny Weeden and Christina Haidemenos, joined us for our 136th episode of the GoGedders Podcast. Follow the link to hear our conversation on what to expect from a virtual WEW, the current state of women’s entrepreneurship, what it is like being a woman in business and so much more! 

Attend and be a part of a community of change, as well as learn a few new things!