By Richie Burke Contributor Published Jun 05, 2020 at 12:01 PM

What’s it like being black in Milwaukee? As a kid? As an adult? As a business professional? 

What is white privilege, and when do we become aware of it? How are views on race formed? 

We’ve had events like George Floyd happen in Milwaukee but never seen protests like this here; why now? 

Why do black people avoid "safe" white suburbs at night? 

How do you explain this situation and the murder of George Floyd to your kids and try to make sense of it? 

How can white people do more than just "not be part of the problem?" 

Will anything actually improve longterm after this uproar? 

To date, I’ve put out 113 episodes of the GoGedders podcast. This is the most important. 

If you are wondering the answers to any of the questions above, we discuss them on this episode. Two white guys and two black guys sharing our perspectives, diving deep, and getting real with the goal of educating so we can understand and do a better job of coming together and ultimately make this community a better place regardless of race.  

As a white guy who has had privilege his entire life, I wasn’t sure how to respond to the events of the last week. I can’t relate to what black people in our community and people of color go through on a daily basis. I was disgusted watching the video of George Floyd and am encouraged by everyone who has posted on social media, donated and been part of the peaceful protests this week. I am confident we will be better moving forward. 

One thing I have realized as a white guy who considers myself non-racist and very inclusive is that just "not being part of the problem" is not enough. We need to continue to take action and be part of making a positive difference and making this community a better place for all. 

Big thank you to DJ Hines, Khalif El Amin and Greg Marshall for coming on this podcast, being very open by sharing their experiences, and for what each of them does and will continue to do for the city of Milwaukee.