By Richie Burke Contributor Published Jul 14, 2020 at 4:01 PM

It’s not easy being in sales in the middle of a pandemic. 

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, but selling in this new norm is uncharted territory. 

How do you reach out to prospects while being sensitive to what is going on? How do you follow up? How do you engage prospects on an emotional level? How do you increase cold call success rates five times? Ten times? 

All of these are keys to thrive in today's environment yet a lot of sales people and business owners don’t know what to do. 

Luckily Paul Neuberger joins us on The GoGedders Podcast this week.

Paul "The Cold Call Coach" Neuberger is the author of the best selling book "Cold Call Secrets" as well as the president of the Starr Group, founder of C-Suite for Christ and co-founder of The Young Guns Movement.  

Some of the key takeaways from today’s episode: 

Empathy and value: Paul goes over how you "cold call to give something, not to sell something." Be empathetic to the situation your prospects are going through and always lead with value. How can you help them through this time? How can you become a value added resource? This does not have to be related to your product right now. 

People always buy people, it doesn’t matter what economy we are in: Connecting with people on a deeper level and building rapport and relationships outside of selling is always in style. 

Be a "defensive" cold caller: Defensive cold callers worry about what they take out. Offensive cold callers worry about what they put in. Paul’s cold call scripts are game-changing. He has helped companies go from 0-2% cold call success rates to over 40%. His methods are unorthodox and effective; we dive into what this looks like on the episode. 

Along with great sales advice, we also cover the importance of a morning routine and what Paul does, the struggles of work life balance and more, being hard on yourself and more. 

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