By Lyndsey Hass Published Jun 17, 2022 at 12:31 PM

Mark your calendars because Tour of America's Dairyland is back for its 13th year, pedaling now through Sunday, June 26.

Now, before you think, "No thanks, I'm no cyclist," it's more than a road race. Tour of America's Dairyland (ToAD) founder Tom Schuler refers to the event as a "huge block party that just so happens to have a bike race." They welcome everyone, from professional cyclists to people just looking to have a good time. ToAD is a free event that includes entertainment, family fun, kids' activities and plenty of beer for the parents. Listen to ToAD's history and what to expect this year below, or continue reading for more information.


Tour of America's Dairyland began in 2009 as a "reboot" of Wisconsin's Superweek, a multi-day cycling race that first started in Wisconsin in 1969. ToAD has then gone on to become the largest competitive road cycling series in the U.S., hosting eleven straight days of racing throughout southeast Wisconsin.

In episode 190 of The GoGedders, host Richie Burke sits down with Schuler; Bill Koch, executive director and partner of ToAD; and Ryan Barbieri, cyclist, and EVP at M3 (a sponsor to this year's race). Along with discussing how ToAD began, they revel in the fact the race has turned into the largest competitive road cycling series in the U.S., with 1,000 riders ranging from juniors to professionals from 40 states and 15 countries.

Though the three struggled to choose what they're most excited about, they were able to narrow it down to two: Brady Street and Historic Downer Avenue. Brady Street takes place on June 23 and features traditional races, the Valentine's Coffee kids race (sign up here) and the brand new Tarbender 200 race. Oh, and you can't forget about the post-race Tour de Flats bar crawl – the perfect way to celebrate the first-ever bike race on Brady Street! 

Then, on Saturday, June 25, Downer Avenue will feature a full day of races, the BelAir Kids Races (sign up at the Pizza Man kids area), a Belgian beer festival, and the famous twilight pro race that promises to bring pro teams and riders from around the world.

And that’s not even half of it! So, tune into The GoGedders and learn what makes ToAD so unique.

ToAD schedule

  • Friday, June 17 – East Troy
  • Saturday, June 18 – Grafton
  • Sunday, June 19 – Manitowoc
  • Monday, June 20 – Bay View (Milwaukee)
  • Tuesday, June 21 – TBD
  • Wednesday, June 22 – TBD
  • Thursday, June 23 – Brady Street (Milwaukee)
  • Friday, June 24 – Shorewood
  • Saturday, June 25 – Downer Avenue (Milwaukee)
  • Sunday, June 26 – Wauwatosa Village

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