By Maureen Post Special to Published Aug 02, 2008 at 5:03 AM

What began as Kate Lubeck's search for personal resolution turned into her first small business and the addition of the only completely organic line of skin care products to the Milwaukee area. After searching for an eco-friendly line, Lubeck recently opened Halcyon Mode in Cedarburg to feature Dr. Hauschka cleansing, moisturizing and replenishing products.

"I was going through a time when I was beginning to look to alternative medicine as a solution to several of my own skin issues," Lubeck explains. "I was drawn to Dr. Hauschka's line and began to see unbelievable results."

Dr. Hauschka products, created and manufactured in Germany, are 100 percent natural, eco-friendly and comprised mostly of biodynamically grown ingrediants. While several national lines boast natural or organic ingredients, after comparing labels, Lubeck says Dr. Hauschka is the only line of completely organic matter.

Ingredients are produced on pesticide- and chemical-free farms that incorporate moon and star cycles into harvesting practices to reach ultimate sustainability. It is a holistic approach to agriculture that epitomizes strives for a healthy, self-sustaining ecosystem.

"The Dr. Hauschka line really considers environmental factors in order to harvest all of their ingredients at the right time. They use all of their own gardens in Germany and manage the product creation from start to finish," Lubeck explains.

Like the Dr. Hauschka products themselves, the spa takes a holistic approach to skin care. In place of harsh, acidic chemical treatments, Lubeck opts to embrace natural client beauty and maintain the skin's innate balance. Currently, Halcyon Mode offers Dr. Hauschka's face, hair and body care products but Lubeck plans to add the fall line of make-up products in late August.

"It is such a holistic thing. Their facial care, hair care and body care all work to keep the mind, body and spirit connected," Lubeck says.

Halcyon Mode is a quaint, small second floor sanctuary. Inviting clean lines, relaxing candles and soft-toned wall colors welcome clients to enjoy both the experience and result of their service.

Facial services employ Eastern techniques of balance -- any pressure Lubeck applies to one side of the face is subsequently applied to the other. It is a gentle, delicate relaxation achieved with a barrage of scents, textures and temperatures. The classic treatment lasts just over two hours but is customized to meet each client's personal needs.

"When clients come to me, this is sometimes their only break from work or their family. They are really trying to bring down their stress level and so we really focus on breathing and relaxation. People don't realize how good is for the skin but its really about getting rid of any negative energy," Lubeck says.

Lubeck, who received her certification in Dr. Hauschka application last year, is the only provider in the Milwaukee area. She recently opened the Halcyon spa in Cedarburg, and also has a smaller, by-appointment-only Third Ward location.

"The certification really educates you on every step of the treatment from how their ingredients are grown to complete product knowledge," Lubeck explains. "Now that I'm certified, I am able to perform treatments but I continue with the education twice a year. They push you constantly learn because they want people to be at a higher level. They really look for those who have a passion for the work."

Dr. Hauschka products, which have been endorsed by celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Oprah, epitomizes sustainability, corporate giving and environmental consciousness. Quotes from free thinkers like Ghandi and Rudolf Steiner appear on Hauschka's Web site and add to the culture of compassion, alternative medicine and self-reliance.

"There are a lot of people out here in Cedarburg and Mequon who really like the newer things coming out in Milwaukee. There is so much going on in the Third Ward and downtown Milwaukee and there are a lot of people interested in being a part of that but don't have access to going downtown," Lubeck explains. "I'm trying to bring something new to the area."


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