By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 14, 2015 at 1:26 PM

It appears that "The Hateful Eight" has love for Milwaukee.

Quentin Tarantino's much-anticipated Western – starring Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Samuel L. Jackson and others as bounty hunters stuck together in a lodge during a blizzard – has been preparing special 70mm film roadshow presentations to open on Christmas Day, a week before its regular digital release on Dec. 31. Today, Variety released the full list of cities receiving the special roadshow, and Milwaukee made the cut, playing host to one of the few lucky 100 venues.

The movie will show in 70mm for a two-week run at the Marcus Majestic Cinema in Waukesha beginning on Christmas Day. According to the theater, the Majestic received a special 70mm film projector that will be installed in order to run the special film print of "Hateful Eight" (the manager noted, however, the roadshow will, as of now, not screen on either of the location's two largest UltraScreens, as both will be taken by "Star Wars").

Tickets for the showings are not on sale yet, but according to the theater, patrons should check for showtimes back on the site tomorrow – or perhaps even some time later today. The theater did confirm, however, that there will be an additional charge for roadshow tickets, costing $12 for matinee showings and $14 for regular showings. 

The special release marks the largest opening for a 70mm film in decades (some movies, like "The Master" and "Interstellar," have done 70mm releases, but on a much smaller scale). According to Variety, Tarantino and various cast members are expected to make surprise appearances at select screenings across the nation. In addition, the movie itself is expected to be slightly different from the regular release, turned into an event featuring a musical overture, intermission and souvenir program. 

Will the presentation and the movie itself be worth all of the hullabaloo – one that some reports say will cost up to $80,000 per screen in order to organize and outfit the theaters properly? I can't wait to completely ditch my family on Christmas Day and hustle to the theater to find out.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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