By Steve Haywood Special to Published Apr 13, 2008 at 7:59 AM
He was introduced by Sen. Herb Kohl a little after 4 p.m. April 12, 2008.

Is he the next in a long line of general managers that have had access to the opportunity to run the Bucks franchise without distinction, or is he what we prayed for from the basketball Gods?

His name is John Hammond.

He comes from a successful and consistent winner, the front office of the Detroit Pistons. He worked as Joe Dumars' right hand man for several years, and was part of a franchise that has enjoyed seven consecutive 50- win seasons with the Pistons. He says the things fans want to hear -- accountability, defense, will, desire, focus and passion -- but we have heard this all too often at too many other press conferences.

This is one where I wait and see; I won't pass judgment one way or the other. No predictions, no guesses just analysis based on tangible results, and I suggest you do the same. Although I will say this -- it's not that far away, I just cannot define "far."

Other "Haywood Hits"

If you love March Madness and are not watching the NBA Western Conference Playoff push, you're an idiot! The best players in the NBA playing meaningful games every night that will determine their fate before the postseason even starts is pleasurable. All you college rah-rah da da da da das, watch some high stakes basketball with the BEST basketball players in the world playing in the most intense scenarios every other night for at least 2 months not three weeks. If it's not your cup of tea college pom-pom waver, that's cool just do not tell me how much better college is when you get one shot versus having to win four out of seven games. Nothing is better that that. The best reality television, period!

Even when Tiger Woods is average, he's dangerous. That's what we're seeing at The Masters. The leaderboard just keeps creeping back to him on moving day and sets up for the dramatics you know he is capable of pulling off on a Sunday major. Although Trevor Immelman tried to close the door Saturday, he better lock it and hide the keys too.

The Brewers are too good to settle for being told the Mets, Cubs and NL West (Rockies, Dodgers & Padres) are better than they are! If they fall into that trap, start with whatever player, coach or administrator and purge the attitude from the clubhouse a sap! Bring the tank to the gunfight, and win the war of hearts as well as minds...and the pennant!


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