By Steve Haywood Special to Published Oct 25, 2006 at 9:33 PM
Well, I'm going to pick up my pace blogging and giving some insight into what's crack-a-lackin in the mind of Haywood. A quick rundown:

I must be a real NBA Knucklehead to be watching preseason ball. I never used to watch pre-season games, but I have watched about five or six already this month. Are there other knuckleheads out there?

I got to do a TV show recently with a childhood hero -- Larry Hisle. It was cool because he represents an era in baseball when black people watched the game and enjoyed it. The sport had a following in the black community the late 1970's early 80's. When Larry came from Minneapolis in '78 it was like 'Yeah! They're putting real live flava on the squad!' Hisle still works with the Brewers, and I will be hitting him up every chance to get real knowledge of the game and how it can get re-introduced to black kids in communities like ours.

I'm watching the World Series and I keep seeing the "D" (Detroit Tigers) get it done, at least this far. Why can't the Brew Crew just have one or two career years, pool some dumb luck and have everything come together? Long-suffering Brewers fans put the franchise on notice: the core looks in place, so get some front-line pitching, spend some loot on a power hitter and have a magic season or risk losing us on-the-fencers forever.

The Packers play scared at home. The answer? Punch people in the mouth first -- that way if you lose you don't feel like you took some back with you in the locker room.

That's all for now... We'll talk soon.
Steve Haywood Special to

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