By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 26, 2007 at 5:26 AM

There's no shortage of stuff going on in Milwaukee right now, some moving the city forward and some holding it back. In this subjective and light-hearted article, we take Milwaukee's temperature for December, 2007.

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Brett Favre - Guess the old man still has a few bullets  left in the chamber.
Ryan Braun - Hope R.O.Y. has better career than Pat Listach.
Green Bay Packers - Better start than 1996? You betcha.

Upscale bowling - Lucky Strike and IPic coming soon.
Non-smoking bars - Somehow, makes hangover better.
Intermodal Station - Much better than old train, bus station ... but where's the food?
Vliet Street - New restaurants, galleries and wine bars.
Yi - Glad you made the decision to join the Bucks.

Restaurants using local ingredients
- Supporting the local economy.
Midwest Airlines - How did you stave off AirTran?
Urban Outfitters - Almost open!
Kinnickinnic Avenue - Still waiting for those two new bars.
Cuvée - Champagne bar finally makes it to the Mil.

Marquette Interchange - Slowly, inching toward completion.
Citywide Wi-Fi - Going nowhere fast.

Commuter Rail - At least people are still talking about it.
Dirty Dining - Channel 4 continues to pander.
X-Mas music since Halloween - It is possible to burn out WMYX.
City Hall renovation - Overdue, over budget, shoddy materials.

Big 10 Network and NFL Network vs. Time Warner Cable - Stop blaming each other and figure it out .
Dying Milw. landmarks - We miss you already, Bryant's.
Writers' strike - Give us back our shows, Hollywood.
Mike McGee, Jr. - Still in jail. Not going anywhere soon.