By JC Poppe Special to Published May 25, 2012 at 1:54 PM

Happy Friday, friends of Milwaukee hip-hop.

While I've been off the grid, lots of stuff has been going on in the Milwaukee hip-hop scene.

New projects have dropped, new singles have been released, and new music videos have been exploding all over the interwebs.

I can't cover everything, but I wanted to at least shout out a few newer music videos that I think you all should check out.

The first video is for the Dana Coppafeel song "Hot Shots Part Deux" that features east coast rapper Action Bronson and west coast rapper RiFF RaFF.

Shot by Stan Perry and Edited by Xavier Ruffin, this video is clean and features some great animation scenes.

The song, produced by The White Russian and released through Uni.Fi Records, has been hitting the blogs and music sites hard thanks largely to the attachment of the names Action Bronson and RiFF RaFF.

If you haven't heard about it, check it out here.

The next video is for the Prophetic song "100 Karats" and shows the Milwaukee emcee cruising around the city of Milwaukee on a rainy day.

I swear that part of the stationary shots are filmed on North Avenue around the Checkers, but that could just be because I'm hungry while typing this.

This video was also shot by Stan Perry, but was edited by HD Designz, and goes the opposite direction of being showy even though the name of the song is "100 Karats."

The video is very "in search of" instead of "look what I have."

For fans of Bugs Bunny, several classic cartoon scenes are incorporated into the video. It will be interesting to see how far this video goes for Proph, who tends to get tens of thousands of hits on his videos, before a "cease and desist" letter gets sent to him for borrowing the famous rabbit for an appearance.

Up next is a new video from Gerald Walker for a song called "Um, Excuse Me."

Directed by Eric Guerrero, the video shows Walker bumming around California while reflecting on some thoughts and addressing his drive, and how some people feel about it.

The video ends with Walker visiting Cali's Power 106 for an interview, and acts as a visual middle finger to anybody doubting his staying power.

Lastly, but certainly not least, local hip-hop label Dope Folks Records has unearthed a music video for their latest re-release.

This time they dug through the crates to find Philadelphia's Lord Aaqil and his "Check It Out" EP from 1993, which they are putting out next month in limited quantity – only 300!

The video is a blast from the past but what makes this video so special is that it features Questlove, Black Thought and Malik B of The Roots back when they were still the Square Roots.

Do what the song title says and check it out.

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