By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 03, 2015 at 1:56 PM Photography: Jeff Sherman

While many continue to debate and solve the nation's problems, Twitter got back to its most popular subject today: cats. 

#HolidayAdviceFromTheCat began trending today, and we figured it'd only be right to get in the spirit and make up some fake holiday advice from Milwaukee's most famous cat, the Milverine. Enjoy, pay heed and feel free to make up some of your own.

1. "Shirts make terrible gifts."

(PHOTO: Alfredo Garcia/Milverine Facebook)

2. "You can never have too much sunblock ... and too few shirts."

(PHOTO: Tom Nowak/Milverine Facebook)

3. "Avoid crowds ... "

(PHOTO: Sean Oster/Milverine Facebook)

4. " ... and instead, go where you can roam free."

(PHOTO: Evelyn Brewer/Milverine Facebook)

5. "Adamantium: not worth it."

(PHOTO: Milverine Facebook)

6. "Make sure you wear your hat."

(PHOTO: Juarez Christella Cielo/Milverine Facebook)

7. "An umbrella would make a fine gift."

(PHOTO: Jesse Jacobs/Milverine Facebook)

8. "Be safe; things get crazy around the holidays."

(PHOTO: Milverine Facebook)

9. "Forget a fancy Lexus with a big red bow; motorcycles are a much better gift."

(PHOTO: Carlos Rodriguez/Milverine Facebook)

10. "Or better yet: a lion!"

Speaking of which, stay tuned for when we make up some more crucial, completely necessary holiday advice from Milwaukee's other most famous cat, the Milwaukee lion!

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