By Larry Miller Special to Published Dec 24, 2011 at 12:40 PM

Have a wonderful holiday, with all my blessings, to those of you who —

are without compassion,

think facts don't matter,

will not lift a finger to help another human being,

like tax breaks for the rich,

are proud that the Bradley Foundation is located in Milwaukee,

think Scott Walker is doing a fine job,

respond to my blog with disdain and anger,

think the Tea Party has a point,

miss the good old days of Ronald Reagan,

think the unemployed should just get a job,

think the homeless should just find a place to live,

prefer the 1 percent to the 99 percent,

drive slowly in the left lane to Madison,

believe in the MMAC,

think Michael Gableman is an honorable Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice,

think Milwaukee Public Schools should be blown up,

think teachers need to stop whining,

rely on Charlie Sykes and Rush Limbaugh for their news,

think climate change (global warming) is not human generated,

think that Newt Gingrich can save America,

think Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security should be privatized, and

think if you just work hard, you will experience the American dream.

Larry Miller Special to
Larry Miller was elected to the MPS school board in April 2009 after teaching high school social
studies and serving as an administrator in MPS for nearly two decades. His two sons are both MPS
graduates. Larry is an editor of Rethinking Schools and an adjunct at Marquette's College of Education.
He and his wife, Ellen Bravo, live on Milwaukee's East Side.