By The Idea Collective Special to OnMilwaukee Published Jan 02, 2023 at 4:56 PM

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The Pat Miller Show is BACK from our hiatus to collaborate with three great callers and get after questions that might be facing you:

  • How do I build value for potential partners and collaborators?
  • How do I focus my podcast’s target audience to reach a larger group?
  • How can I increase my email list size so I can make more sales?

With all of the questions about email in this week’s episode, Pat added a few words about how to build and think about your email list.

Our collaborator this week is Lisa Raebel from Rebel Girl Marketing. She came in clutch with our callers to build their businesses!

Our guests this week:

Pat Honiotes
Transformational Coach

Mayor Elzie Flenard III
Founder – Enterprise Now Podcast & Podcast Town
Enterprise Now Podcast
Podcast Town Podcast Agency

Beth Houtrow
Founder – Climb – The Small Business Book Club
Climb – Small Business Book Club