By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Feb 09, 2019 at 10:01 AM

Interpol invaded Milwaukee on Friday night with a sold-out performance at The Pabst Theater. Returning to the historic venue, the night marked Interpol’s first performance in Milwaukee in nearly five years.

The New York indie rockers performed in support of their new album, "Marauder," and as their disco ball shined throughout the theater, Interpol blended the new with the old and blessed The Pabst with another memorable performance.

Here are six reasons you shouldn’t have missed Interpol’s performance at The Pabst Theater:

1. Interpol’s first Milwaukee performance since 2014

While some bands are constantly on the road and make annual visits to Milwaukee, Interpol’s tours are a little more selective. Returning to Milwaukee for the first time since 2014, fans rushed at the opportunity to see the Manhattan natives deliver another great set at The Pabst Theater.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Friday’s show sold-out with ease. Let’s just hope that it won’t be another five years until Paul Banks and company decide to return.

2. A perfectly curated set list

It would be hard to find any fan in attendance last night that was disappointed with Friday’s setlist. Dedicating half of the set to the band’s new album, "Marauder," and the other half to Interpol’s first two albums, the set list was a perfect blend of the new with the old.

From new tracks like "The Rover" and "If You Really Love Nothing," to cuts from 2004’s "Antics" and the band’s debut LP "Turn On the Bright Lights," there was something for everyone, whether you’re late to the Interpol party or have been seeing them live since the early 2000s.

Each track chosen was also performed at the best possible time, as the band’s biggest single, "Slow Hands," closed out the set, right before the band returned for an encore performance full of fan favorites.

3. Paul Banks

While there is definitely no weak link in Interpol – even the band’s newest permanent member, drummer Sam Fogarino, has been a member since before their studio debut – there aren’t many frontmen better than Banks.

Although his solo work hasn’t had the success that Interpol has had, even on his own, Banks is an outstanding artist. The English-born, Michigan-raised singer has a voice that stands out, and his stage presence and energy during Friday’s performance was unmatched.

Fogarino and co-founding member Daniel Kessler complement Banks in a way that makes Interpol one of the best bands in indie rock, but Banks alone was worth the price of admission.

4. Good vibes

Friday’s performance wasn’t like most concerts at The Pabst. While many shows are flooded with fans dancing from start to finish and singing along word-for-word, last night’s vibe was different in a way that was neither better nor worse than your typical show.

Instead of singing and dancing, fans stayed quiet and paid deep attention to the band on stage and simply enjoyed the art of a live performance.

5. First chance to hear "Marauder" live

Unless you traveled to one of Interpol’s previous tour dates this year, Friday was your first chance to hear your favorite tracks from Interpol’s 2018 album "Marauder" live and in person.

The LP is considered by many as Interpol’s best project in the past decade, and singles like "If You Really Love Nothing" and "Number 10" are examples of Interpol at their finest.  

Hearing tracks from the new album live gave fans a new appreciation for the project that has already been well received by Interpol’s fans and critics alike.

6. It was Milwaukee’s best show of the night

Milwaukee had its share of concerts to choose from on Friday. With John Mellencamp performing just a five-minute walk away at the Riverside, you couldn’t go wrong as long as you decided to get out of the house and see some live music.

Having said that ... you can’t be at two concerts at once (well, maybe at Summerfest), so the Pabst Theater was the place to spend your money for the night. While Mellencamp is certainly a legend, Interpol rewarded their Milwaukee fans with a show that they won’t soon forget. Sorry, Mellencamp, life goes on.

Set list

"Pioneer to the Falls"
"If You Really Love Nothing"
"Public Pervert"
"Say Hello to the Angels"
"Take You on a Cruise"
"The Rover"
"Number 10"
"Flight of Fancy"
"The New"
"All the Rage Back Home"
"Slow Hands"


"Not Even Jail"
"Obstacle 1"