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The fourth annual Jam for Jamaica Music and Camping Festival will be held May 16-19 in Sullivan.

Almost 40 musical acts spanning a wide variety of genres and styles have been announced to headline the event, says festival founder Craig Baumann.

"From rock to reggae to bluegrass and soul, there will be something for just about every music fan."

Baumann, a local musician, started Jam for Jamaica after visiting the island in 2005 on a mission trip during which he helped repair tin-roofed shanties that are used as houses by the island's inhabitants.

After returning home, he began saving tip money to buy more building materials to continue helping the people of Jamaica, and eventually persuaded some of his colleagues to chip in and start the four-day event that now takes place every year at Sullivan's Concord House.

All proceeds from the concert are used to purchase building materials, which are then utilized by Baumann and others who make a bi-annual trip to Jamaica (paying their own way to do so) to assist in the renovation of decrepit buildings. The group's priority is to ensure safe shelter for the elderly, the ill and the very young.

Some featured acts for this year's jam include Useful Jenkins, The People Brothers Band, De La Buena, Circle of Heat, Stealin' Strings and Fat Maw Rooney. Free camping for the whole weekend is offered and food and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the event.

You can buy a weekend pass for just $45 until April 1 and $65 after that. Tickets are on sale now at

"We all work hard, we all volunteer our own time and money for the visits," said Baumann, "And it's so worth it knowing that families in need have a safe and dry place to lay their heads at night."

Colleen Jurkiewicz Reporter

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