By Lora Kaelber Special to Published Jul 26, 2015 at 3:06 PM

She was sweet and saucy. Her voice was like butter and syrup all mixed into one melting over a gigantical stack of pancakes.

Despite it being literally hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement, Jamie Lynn Spears’ came out and gave it her all Saturday afternoon at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes. Her band was awesome. Her voice was golden. And by the end of it, everyone was hot and sweaty. Everyone.

After interviewing Jamie Lynn Spears before her concert on Saturday afternoon, my expectations were high. I expected an unadorned and intimate feeling performance. She delivered that, and she delivered it with so much energy, you couldn’t help but get caught up in it.

She handled the unenviable 3:30 p.m. time slot with ease. She handled the crowd chants of "Zoey! Zoey! Zoey!" – a throwback to Spears’ days as the title character on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" – with typical southern charm, owning it and, at one point, laughing and saying, "That’s a part of who I am."

But back to her performance. She was earthy and sweet. She shook hands, high-fived, took selfies and signed autographs with a mic in her hand, a smile on her face and a beautiful voice rolling out of her killer pipes. Jamie Lynn’s hour long set consisted of 13 songs – some originals, some covers and one that she wrote for another artist.

It’s really one thing to hear a great voice on an album. In the studio, there’s so much more control over the sound, the tone and all of that. So when you have an artist that comes out and sounds almost exactly like her album, that’s a thing of beauty – a rare thing of beauty. And Jamie Lynn Spears’ did just that.

On the flip side, though it’s totally minor and will probably come with time, there wasn’t anything that made the performance special to Country Thunder. Meaning, there wasn’t anything that told the crowd that Spears’ knew she was in Twin Lakes. Like I said, minor, and it’ll come with time. And in her defense, she’d flown in Saturday morning and had interviews to deal with before her performance, so it wasn’t like she had a whole ton of time to be a part of the event and throw in those details.

Spears made the commute from small screen to recording artist in 2013 when she began writing and collaborating on a song catalog that now reaches about 100 songs. Her extended play album was released in 2014 to a decently warm reception.

Her life, though relatively short, has been filled with highs, lows and everything in between. She played Zoey on "Zoey 101" for five years. She became tabloid fodder at the age of 16 when she announced that she was pregnant. After having her daughter, Maddie Brooklyn, Spears spent the next five years concentrating on motherhood and making sure that Maddie was raised in a home filled with love.

No matter what she’s been through, Jamie Lynn has a great perspective. She’s said that you need to build yourself up after mistakes and that we are all ultimately responsible for ourselves. Her common sense approach to life is also how she seems to approach her music. It’s not bubble gum pop country; it’s grounded, sweet and honest.

She’s a smart, down to earth woman with big goals and dreams. Her performance on Saturday shows that she’s well on her way to achieving them.

Set list:
"All I Am Is Gone"
"Louisiana Bound"
"Shotgun Wedding"
"Walk This Way" (Aerosmith cover)
"How Could I Want More"
"I Got the Boy" (Jana Kramer)
"Ain’t It Fun" (Paramore cover)
"Still Waiting"
"Big Bad World"
"Miss Mississippi" (with a little "Oops I Did It Again" thrown in at the end)
"Bigger Picture"

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