By Brian Kramp Special to Published Jul 12, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Jay Mohr is the kind of person that doesn’t seem to ever take a break. He’s a touring comedian, syndicated sports radio host, actor, author, husband and father. Usually entertainers are put into just one category, but Mohr is a rare breed. His comedy has allowed him to be successful in several areas of entertainment.

Surprisingly, the thing that intrigues me most about Mohr is his knowledge of music. It's regularly part of his "Mohr Stories" podcast. He is a self-proclaimed audiophile and has had featured Queens Of The Stone Age, The Eels, Bootsy Collins and David Lee Roth on the podcast.

Musician Rufus Wainwright was actually his first musical guest and Mohr calls him an "untouchable genius" and "one of the reasons he was so hell bent on playing The Pabst Theater" because he wore out Wainwright's DVD filmed there.

Mohr proclaims, "It’s such a great DVD and beautiful old theater." On Aug. 16, Mohr gets the opportunity to perform his comedy at The Pabst Theater.

There is no denying that Mohr is at his best when he’s on stage doing stand up. His hilarious celebrity impressions haven’t changed much over the years, but his shows are always updated and entertaining. Comedy Central agrees, having named Mohr one of the 100 greatest stand-up comics of all time.

I was lucky enough to have him go into Christopher Walken, Eddie Vedder, Norm MacDonald, Adam Sandler and Tracy Morgan impressions in our interview, but the stories from his youth are relatable and funny.

In today’s Kramp Cast, Mohr and I talk about the syndicated Jay Mohr Sports Show which can be heard on Milwaukee’s The Big Sports 920, how wrestling saved him from being a goof as a teenager, plus we talk about our first days of school and getting drunk. Enjoy!

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