By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 20, 2021 at 8:31 AM

Horror icon John Carpenter has delivered some impressive shocks over the decades, but perhaps his biggest one came on Tuesday night as it turns out the mastermind behind "Halloween" and "The Thing" ... is a Milwaukee Bucks fan.

Late Tuesday evening, the legendary director took to Twitter to celebrate the NBA's opening night and his two favorite teams claiming victory: the Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks. 

While the reveal came as a surprise to many fans, it's not the first time Carpenter has tweeted out his Bucks fandom as he giddily joined Milwaukee in celebrating their first championship in 50 years back in July. 

Those are, however, the only two tweets about the Milwaukee Bucks on his profile. His love for the Warriors seems to go further back, with multiple tweets celebrating the Dubs over the years and praising Golden State in an interview with The Daily Beast earlier this year – despite living in Los Angeles. But while we don't know when the horror genius became a Bucks fan or where they rank in his heart against the Warriors, all that matters is that he's on the bandwagon now – and we're more than honored to have him aboard. 

The only question: Why the Bucks? It would only make sense that the man who helped create the modern slasher movie would love Giannis and his unprecedented ability to slash to the bucket. Or perhaps the horror master naturally gravitated toward a team whose catchphrase features "fear." Or maybe he just really loves good basketball. After all, Carpenter is famously a big NBA fan, and in that Daily Beast interview, he explains that he fell in love with the Warriors simply because they just play the game right (while also ripping on the Nets for having "three ball hogs," so yeah, he's definitely one of us). So maybe he just likes watching Giannis play basketball – can't argue with that rationale!

No matter the reason, here's to John Carpenter joining the Bucks' growing celebrity cheering section – and here's to this being the closest the team comes to anything frightening during their title defense this season.

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