By Dennis Shook for   Published Jul 21, 2006 at 5:16 AM
Sources close to long-time Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian say he's leaning against another four-year term as the head of the city.

Former Mayor Patrick Moran has told WisPolitics he will be running no matter what Antaramian decides.

Another well-known Kenosha politico, Michael Bell, has said he's considering a run. And Ron Schuler, a businessman and youth sports coach, is being mentioned as a possible candidate. Antaramian easily beat Schuler in 2004.

Also being mentioned is a Kenoshan named Dale Wamboldt, who wears costumes, drives a hearse, and prefers to be called "Dr. Destruction." He's the host of a weekly local access cable TV show that replays old horror movies.

The field could become even more crowded if the incumbent bows out of the spring 2008 race.

Political allies of the mayor expect him to make a final decision after an upcoming vacation out of the country. They say Antaramian, a former Democratic state legislator who has been mayor since 1992, is mulling other career options. Since being elected, the former state Assemblyman has faced tepid opposition. A race against Moran, who resigned two months before finishing out his last term, just before Antaramian was first elected, would likely mean an expensive and energetic campaign would be needed.

"I am not sure his heart is in it," said one inside source.

Another colleague recently said a reelection run by the mayor is "anything but assured."

The often reticent Antaramian has refused to comment on his re-election plans.

Dennis Shook is a freelance columnist from Kenosha.