By Katarina Rankovich Special to Published Aug 10, 2010 at 4:32 PM

Yield, 1932 E. Kenliworth Pl., has been John Revord's bartending gig for a couple years now, but he was a customer before he was an employee. "I used to play pool with (the owner) and he always bought me a shot and asked me to work for him, says Revord. "After about a dozen times, I said yes."

Aside from tending bar, Revord has a passion for volunteer work. He started the Milwaukee Network for Social Change (MSNC) in his living room in 2007. It's is a community-based organization that engages in alternative activities to create a healthier community in Milwaukee. For example, MSNC provides free markets, where anyone can donate or take items around Milwaukee.

We met up with Revord for a quick Q&A. Tell me about this "Jesus Bomb," that you are all so fond of here.

John Revord: My coworker Kelly used to make herself these bombs with red wine and Red Bull. We started calling it the Jesus Bomb, and it caught on. It's like miracles in the mouth.

OMC: What is your biggest pet peeve at the bar?

JC: When it is busy and people keep adding to the bar order every time I turn around. Be consistent; know what you want, and service will be that much faster.

OMC: Do pick-up lines work?

JC: If you have to use one, you are set up for automatic failure.

OMC: What's your favorite drink to make?

JC: Old Fashioneds are one of my favorites. I have no problem making a really good muddled, fully correct, classic Old Fashioned.

OMC: Where do you like to drink when you aren't tending bar?

JC: Nowhere fancy. Beer and a shot of whiskey kinds of bars. I like hanging out at places like The Nomad or Linneman's.

OMC: What's the most ridiculous thing that has happened this summer at the bar?

JC: During a thunderstorm, this girl just started taking all her clothes off inside the bar. Yield doesn't have a license for that kind of thing.

OMC: What is the worst thing about bartending?

JC: The late hours.

OMC: What is the best thing?

JC: I am just a social addict. It is awesome to always meet someone new.

Angry bartenders are the worst. You get paid to take shots, drink and hang out, how could you possibly be mad doing that?