By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Mar 16, 2015 at 3:17 PM Photography: Steve Kabelowsky

More music.

In the competitive world of broadcast radio, it is one tactic used in the arsenal to get more people to listen. Others can be more shock, less traditional banter, more insightful stories … there are literally dozens of formats that exist.

But "more music" has defined Jon Adler, the morning host on FM 102/1 (that’s WLUM-FM 102.1).

"I do a lot more music now, and I like it," Adler said as he was moving along the timeline on his computer screen. "I get some stuff in, but there’s just less time."

I had the opportunity to sit in with Adler in the studio during a shift, interviewing him during the songs and commercial breaks.

It was during aviation month, so we tried to think of three songs connected to the theme.

I said, "How about the Foo Fighters? Remember that video with them as pilots and the Mentos thing."

"Sure, we can make it easy for them today," he said, cuing up the songs that will be used for the morning call-in.

Last year, Adler was half of the (Brian) Kramp and Adler team, a morning alternative talk and rock show during which the two would bounce banter between each other. The pair would have Brad Hicks from WITI-TV Fox 6 stop by, come up with original bits like "Missed Connections" from, or headlines and asking "What’s more Sheboygan?"

Now, with Kramp at WITI-TV's "Studio A," Adler has gone ahead in his own way, inserting his voice into the slots available.

It can be a gamble, forging a new path into a well-established media market as to gain attention from the followers of another’s audience. So, what happens, is that managers will take a bunch of ideas and throw them against the wall. Whatever doesn’t get removed right away is what sticks. And that, is the secret of mass media.

For Adler, that means being memorable with the celebrity phone-ins, the clever information and stringing connections together.

"Because of the years of doing this, you build relationships with the people I interview," Adler said. "So, while, it can be a challenge with less time, I have to be focused with my questions to get a great interview."

Between those interviews and his steel trap of knowledge that comes with the crazy items that find a home in the prize vault, that’s where Adler soars. He lets his personality drive a time in the morning where we can all use a reassuring voice and songs to sing along to with the start of the day.

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