By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 15, 2015 at 2:36 PM

Last summer, Milwaukee received the Judgmental Map treatment, with a graphic of the city irreverently marking its various segregations and stereotypes.

The map, credited to Milwaukee native Leviticus Lund, was pretty amusing ("Milwaukee's fabulous 'beach scene' [July 1st - August 30th]"), pretty offensive and indeed quite judgmental – but considering Milwaukee gives it plenty of material with its well-documented and yet still unsolved segregation woes, that's probably very deserved. 

Apparently, Milwaukee can't get enough of poking fun at its own glaring embarrassments because the map's been making the rounds yet again this week. 

Here's the piece:

Accurate? Offensive? Motivation to maybe make some forward progress on our nation-leading segregation (well, clearly not because it came out last year and we're still near the top when it comes to segregation)?

What you think? Let us know, and we'll revisit your thoughts in a year when this map is probably randomly trending again. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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