By Press Release Submitted to Published Aug 20, 2018 at 5:01 PM

After 108 years in Milwaukee, Bob Kashou, owner of Kashou Carpets, one of the oldest carpet stores in the country, announced the beloved East Side store will be liquidating its inventory and closing its doors by the end of 2018. Kashou has been tracking the changes in the retail environment and decided to take the opportunity to transition the business.

Stacy Williams-Ng, the artist who painted the iconic Leopard Mural on the side of the Kashou Carpet building, will add a lasting memorial to the longstanding business. On Wednesday, Aug. 22 at 1 p.m. at 2169 N Farwell Avenue, she will paint a single teardrop under the leopard’s eye as a special tribute.

"People spoke of the Kashou name in the same way they referenced a carpet brand, yet we never produced our own line. I was always proud to hear when someone would mention that their home had a Kashou Carpet," said Bob Kashou.

"In the early years, the Pfister Hotel had one of our Persian rugs in each of its rooms. Thousands of individuals – along with many designers – came to us because of our high-quality carpeting and fine rugs," said Kashou.

Kashou Carpets will begin the transition on Aug. 23, when customers will be notified. The store will be closed on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 to prepare. On Sept. 3, everything in the store will be on sale in order to liquidate all merchandise. Dec. 1 will be the last day individuals can purchase a rug or carpeting from Kashou Carpets.
"Just like my grandfather, father, and cousin, I have been honored and proud to work at this store and provide a quality product to our community," said Kashou.

Kashou is looking at pursuing other opportunities in the area after the store closes.

"It is difficult to say goodbye, but I’m going to focus this time on giving thanks to my grandfather who came to this country with a hope, a dream, and made a life-supporting business not just for himself, but for three generations of our family and our exceptional employees," added Kashou.