By Amy Christiansen Special to Published Mar 08, 2008 at 9:32 AM

If you could hear her, Katie would ask you not to feel bad for her. In fact, she would tell you that she is actually feeling better since recently undergoing surgery which resulted in the amputation of her right rear leg.

Horribly deformed, the leg was quite painful and prone to infection, but since the surgery, we've noticed a major improvement in everything from her appetite to her sociability, and she is quickly becoming a favorite among the volunteers.

We often have trouble restricting her as she thinks she is ready to run and jump and play. Katie was a stray to animal control but she quickly captured the hearts of volunteers from The Companion Animal Resource and Adoption Center who didn't hesitate to admit her into the adoption program despite her obvious medical condition.

Katie is available for immediate release on the condition that her family is able to properly provide for her during the remainder of her recovery period of approximately, one to two weeks.

Katie adores children and appreciates the company of other cats. Please visit Katie at the Southridge Mall adoption center during open hours.

For more information, please visit, call (414) 421-8881, or e-mail

Amy Christiansen Special to

Amy Christiansen is the Executive Director of the Companion Animal Resource and Adoption Center (CARAC). CARAC is located in the upper level of Southridge Mall and is dedicated to saving the unclaimed strays from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

Amy grew up on the South Side of Milwaukee and now lives in Muskego with her husband and son and their three cats and three dogs. She also takes in the occasional foster dog.