By Brian O'Shea   Published Dec 11, 2003 at 5:49 AM

A little Saturday Night Fever, futuristic illumination and a touch of the Serengeti have combined to create Kenadee's, an innovative and unique tavern in Milwaukee's downtown area.

Located at 725 N. Milwaukee St., Kenadee's is laced with green lights and looks as if it should be packed with $9 cosmos. But this bar's forte is the beer, with a glorious selection of close to 120 brews from all over the world. Although Kenadee's doesn't have Miller or Miller Lite on tap, it boasts both Bud and Bud Light in draft form.

To the left of the entryway is a square-paneled floor with more green lights showing from beneath; that's where the Saturday Night Fever comes into play. However, this floor is not for dancing, it's for relaxing in chairs or watching one of the three TVs behind the bar. There's a balcony, consisting of several plush chairs and sofas all facing a widescreen TV -- perfect for catching a game while drinking a beer with friends.

"This is in the perfect area," says owner Tom Wackman, who also owns Eve. "It's in the heart of Downtown, near great places like the Metro Hotel and The Pfister."

Milwaukee has no shortage of swanky new bars, with Eve being one of the first. "You really can't compare the two places," says Wackman. "Eve is its own entity -- you have to see it to experience it. Kenadee's is an 'ultra pub.'"

By "ultra pub," Wackman is referring to the deer antler ceiling lights and animal-skin walls and furniture -- both of which make an interesting juxtaposition on the big-city lighting and use of space.

Kenadee's is just starting its food service, and Wackman says the prospective menu includes every bar's staple goods: sandwiches and appetizers. They will also offering a selection of entrées, including steak and seafood, costing about $13.

So what inspired the combination of such unrelated scenes in one bar?

"My youngest daughter's name is Kenadee, her favorite color is green, and I wanted a pub," says Wackman.

You just can't argue with that logic, and it's clear Kenadee's is doing things a little differently. For example, don't look for a DJ booth, no stage, and no jukebox; tunes are supplied by satellite radio and CDs.

Says Wackhman, "It's very comfortable -- you can watch a game, grab a bite to eat or just hang out."

For more information call (414) 431-5556.