By JC Poppe Special to Published Nov 10, 2010 at 2:11 PM

Yesterday Milwaukee's KHB, also known as KingHellBastard (a name that is derived from a phrase Hunter S. Thompson would occasionally use when excited about something), released its very first mixtape as a group called "A Tribe Called Bastard: On The Boulevard of Layton."

This new tape, available via direct download from the group's Bandcamp page, pairs many of their recorded verses from previous efforts over classic A Tribe Called Quest instrumentals.

KHB is a group made up of three emcees and a DJ (Dana Coppa, DNA, Shemp, and DJ 1L, respectively) who are more recently known for their vinyl release "Remember The Name," which came out a couple of months ago on local record label Uni.Fi Records.

After taking a few weeks to tour around the Midwest, South and East Coast, they decided the best way to keep their name moving forward was the release of this new mixtape.

KHB fans will most likely find this new project to be a fun reinterpretation of songs they're already familiar with, and the mixtape may also open new ears to KHB due to the familiarity of Tribe Called Quest beats.

As a promotional product, the mixtape is enjoyable and you should certainly give it a listen but I highly recommend seeking out the fantastic "Remember The Name" as an introduction to KHB. You can find it by going to Uni.Fi Records Web site

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