By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Jul 05, 2015 at 7:30 PM

The Milwaukee Bucks are expected to turn basketball operations over to coach Jason Kidd this week, replacing John Hammond, who has been general manager since 2008, according to three different sources. 

The move will give Kidd the two titles he wanted and did not get with the Nets, leading to his leaving Brooklyn for Milwaukee.

Jake Suski, the Bucks' vice president of communications, "unequivocally" denied the report Sunday night. The exact details of the move, both timing and title, may be uncertain. 

One source said the announcement has tentatively been scheduled for July 10, although it could be delayed until the entire Hammond situation was ironed out. Hammond may leave or may be placed elsewhere in the organization, with Kidd in charge of all the basketball operations. 

Kidd had moved to get both jobs in Brooklyn to replace Billy King as general manager. He didn’t want King fired, but given a title in the organization.

The Nets turned him down and then the Bucks new owners asked permission to talk to Kidd and he moved to Milwaukee shortly thereafter.

In 2013, Hammond was given a three-year contract extension that paid him a total of $5.5 million. He has one year left on his contract and may either stay with the team in another capacity or move on. There are reports that he has been contacting other teams and may have a lead on a new job.

But even if the Bucks ownership cuts him loose, the final year of his contract is less than $2 million, an amount that the team could be willing to eat.

There have been reports that this move was one of the things that lured Kidd to Milwaukee. Doc Rivers of the Clippers and Stan Van Gundy of the Pistons also hold both jobs.

The move also is in line with the headlong rush of the new ownership group to do away with the past and embrace the present and future.

The team has changed players, coaches, uniforms, floors, front office personnel and vastly expanded its sales force. It has also moved to a new office location away from the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

In addition, the efforts to build a new arena are part of the parade of change, which is the operative word for the new owners.

There are several reports of conflict between Kidd and Hammond during the recent draft.

Apparently Hammond and his scouts wanted the team to draft Arkansas forward Bobby Portis. Kidd, however, felt that picking Portis would undercut the comeback of Jabari Parker,  the second pick in the draft last year. Portis and Parker are similar players and Kidd didn’t want to take focus away from Parker.

He apparently won that discussion when the Bucks drafted shooting guard Rashad Vaughn in the first round.

UPDATE: The following are tweeted statements from Bucks'  Vice President of Communications, Jake Suski and Bucks' Vice President of Strategy & Operations Alexander Lasry:

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