By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Nov 20, 2010 at 11:05 AM

The "kiddie cocktail" -- also referred to as the "mocktail" or "virgin" cocktail -- really hasn't changed much over the past few generations. Even though most young 'uns probably haven't heard of Shirley Temple or Roy Rogers, they remain the only well-known non-alcoholic drinks.

Kiddie cocktails are, traditionally, a combination of soda, grenadine and maraschino cherries. The Shirley Temple calls for ginger ale or white soda, and the Roy Rogers is mixed with cola. The Shirley Temple -- which was invented by a Los Angeles bartender for the child star who found herself in bars quite often -- sometimes has orange juice in it.

Non-alcoholic beverages aren’t just for "kiddies," either. For whatever reason, some adults don’t do the hootch, but in social situations might still want to imbibe a festive libation. Alison Crane, for example, didn’t drink alcohol during her three pregnancies.

"It was a drag. I hated this aspect of being pregnant. I missed drinking wine. But I became quite the expert mixologist of the ‘kiddie cocktail,’" says Crane.

In Milwaukee, almost any bartender will readily mix up a drink sans booze. But for a fancy non-alcoholic drink, Bryant’s, 1579 S. 9th St., seems to be the place. And owner John Dye recognizes that choosing to have a liquor-free cocktail isn’t always the result of alcoholism or pregnancy. Designated drivers deserve delicious and decadent drink options, too.

"In fact, we believe non-alcoholic drinks are just as important as alcoholic drinks, especially for drivers or those who choose not to drink," says Dye. "We can basically make most of our drinks non-alcoholic, with the exception of some of the more boozy concoctions."

Dye says Bryant’s will make any hurricane-style drink non-alcoholic, as well as booze-less fruit-and-chocolate based ice cream drinks or drinks that use fresh juices and mint that are basically a twist on an Italian soda.

"As with most of our cocktails, ordering a non-alcoholic cocktail involves having a conversation with the bartender to determine what you would enjoy the best," says Dye.

Ed Makowski pours at Foundation, 2718 N. Bremen St., and he’ll mix a mean mocktail.

"They can be fun to make. One that always goes over well is equal parts pineapple, orange and grapefruit juices with sweet soda on top," says Makowski.

Foundation is a tiki bar so it already has a slew of juices on hand for tiki drinks. Makowski says the well-stocked juice bar makes the creation of non-alcoholic drinks easy and interesting.

"I can change it up with any variety of passion fruit, cranberry, mango, lime, lemonade or apple juice," says Makowski.  "I find the spice and sweet of ginger beer with a lime to be a very satisfying by itself. Add an umbrella and it looks like a tropical cocktail. Anything can feel festive. Maybe Foundation should make a tropical non-alcoholic called the ‘Un-brella.’"

Evan Barnes works at Bryant’s and Nessun Dorma, 2778 N. Weil St. He reiterates that Bryant’s has a lot of non-alcoholic drink options because the bar has so many syrups, juices and purees, but reminds that he can always whip up the simplest non-alcoholic drink of all.

"Once in a while we just pop open a good old can of Coca-Cola," says Barnes.

Although Bryant’s is always willing to accommodate a tea-totaling customer, the truth is, the history is steeped in strong drink.

"Once, I came to Bryant's before I owned it and a friend of mine wasn't drinking. He ordered a non-alcoholic Mai Tai," says Dye. "Shirley, the manager here for more than 40 years, leaned over the booth, looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘Well, honey, that's just a squeeze of lime in a glass.’ Classic Shirley."

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