By Press Release Submitted to Published Nov 17, 2016 at 8:09 AM Photography: Bobby Tanzilo

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Kinn, a dog friendly and gathering-centric upscale micro-hotel, is nearing a January 2017 opening in a prominent Bay View building located along South Kinnickinnic Avenue, according to Ald. Tony Zielinski.

Charles Bailey, the project’s registered agent, said neighbors have been reacting with positive feedback and excitement as work has progressed to convert 2535 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. into an eight-room micro-hotel (on the upper floor) with a restaurant operation on the first floor of the 11,500-square foot building.

Kindred restaurant will also be opening in January in conjunction with the hotel’s opening, Bailey said. The restaurant will be operated by sisters Marija and Vesna Madunic, who founded Firefly restaurant (Wauwatosa) and Gracious Events catering.

"The upper floor hotel guest rooms will be luxurious, and equipped with ‘smart’ technology systems designed to offer comfort," Bailey said. He said an open common lounge area with guest amenities – including a "pro-series kitchen," TV area, mini library, and laundry – will provide the "creature comforts of home" and a friendly gathering place for guests to enjoy conversation and good times.

Mr. Bailey said the location takes advantage of the walk able neighborhood and the many nearby dining, tavern and theater options available in Business Improvement District #44 along Kinnickinnic Avenue.

"My wife and I chose Bay View for a number of reasons, and central among these are its beauty, proximity to the lakefront, walkability and security. But, perhaps most important is its sense of community which a person, whether here for a day or a lifetime, can’t possibly avoid. It's palpable and it's charming," he said.

"We wanted to mimic this sense of openness and community which we feel is important – especially these days," Bailey said. "I really want to thank Ald. Zielinski for all of his help in getting us to this location and to this point where we are nearing an exciting opening," he said.

"I am very pleased with the Kinn project, especially because the developer took an older building that was in pretty rough shape and transformed it into a remarkable new destination hotel and restaurant location," Ald. Zielinski said. "They’ve done amazing work and the property will be something special for years to come."