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There was a lot of birth and death this week in media land. Here is a roundup of some of the notables:

KRAMP CAST: Brian Kramp, who recently parted ways with WLUM-FM 102.1, launched a new podcast on this week. He plans to blog, use social media and post short audio items each week.

"The plan is to do one larger podcast each week," Kramp said. "I'm excited to be working with This collaboration allows me to deliver a podcast to my fans on a regular basis, but more importantly, continue to inform and entertain the city that I love."

Listen to his first go here.

MORNING TALK: Meanwhile, as Kramp is no longer at 102.1, Jon Adler continues solo to host the morning drive at the Milwaukee Radio Alliance station. His new show is slated to start on Monday.

MORE LIKE "12": Jack Bauer will return to his octane-fuelled minute-by-minute life as "24" returns to Fox for a limited run this fall. Kiefer Sutherland returns to his counterterrorism role in an update to the original series created in a world after the Sept. 11 terrorism attack in 2001. Kudos to the New York Times for the "12" remark, reflecting the limited view of the show and the number of weeks the episodes will air.

"The response to ‘24’ is unlike anything I have ever experienced as an actor before," Sutherland said in a statement. "To have the chance to reunite with the character, Jack Bauer, is like finding a lost friend."

It is also a steady paycheck for Sutherland, who saw his show "Touch" thrown off the air last week.

ODDS NOT IN ITS FAVOR: CBS killed off ratings-challenged "Vegas" right before making the announcements of new offerings the network will be launching this fall.

The Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis show paired cowboys against gangsters in a hour-long criminal investigation story with fun asides to a period piece set in the 1960s. The writing was on the wall when CBS moved the show to Friday nights … traditionally a wasteland for network TV. Sure, there are exceptions on Friday nights for great well-watched shows, but networks never put their top programs on that night.

Unfortunately no one at CBS told Chiklis about its plans for his show back in February. At that time Chiklis went on Twitter responding to a fan saying the show would be short lived when CBS preempted the Tuesday night airings for "Golden Boy."

"Vegas is a powerful show with a huge audience that will continue to grow over time. Thanks for watching!" Chiklis posted on Twitter.

Oh, by the way, "Golden Boy" got the ax too. Because networks need to fill time during the summer, these two shows will probably be reruns until the fall.

NO HAPPY ENDINGS: Yes, ABC killed "Happy Endings" along with a number of other programs before announcing its new fall schedule this week. Reba McEntire’s "Malibu Country" is gone as well.

"So I guess you've all heard we did not get a 2nd season pick up for @Malibu_Country . Not to worry. Everything happens for a reason," McEntire tweeted on Sunday. "Here's to our new and exciting adventure, whatever it may be."  

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