By Jimmy Carlton Sportswriter Published Dec 09, 2016 at 5:03 PM

There’s no place like Lambeau Field and there’s no more strikingly picturesque time to be there than in December. Powdery snow falling on the frozen tundra; bright stadium lights gleaming through gray winter sky; fogged breath, ice-covered beer and jerseys over many, many multiple layers; little flecks of white atop the green and gold, and grins, that abound.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a cold Packers game in December, and, according to USA Today, which sorted the most Instagrammed location in each state based on geo-tagging, there’s nothing in Wisconsin that compares to the cherished and iconic Lambeau Field. In an article published Thursday, USA Today revealed that Green Bay’s recently renovated but classically timeless 59-year-old football stadium – the oldest continuously operating one in the NFL – was our top Instagram spot.

The state’s second-most popular setting was the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Third was Miller Park, fourth was Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo and fifth was the Milwaukee Art Museum. Institutions of sport, education, recreation and fine arts? What a well-cultured bunch of amateur photographers we all are here!

Something about the old-fashioned, small-town charm of Green Bay, the natural scenic beauty of a snowy Wisconsin winter, the hallowed history of the sanctified venue and the fact that the Packers have been good for the last two decades all combine to make Lambeau Field an understandably beloved, always-cool and obvious Instagram location.

On Sunday, the Packers host the rival Seahawks, a must-win game for Green Bay, which is 6-6 and currently outside the playoff picture they hope to make prettier for themselves this weekend.  The forecast calls for a high of 32 degrees – though that will be lower after the 3:25 p.m. kickoff – with a 90 percent chance of snow, accumulating three to five inches. Perfect. That’s just what Green Bay, and its beleaguered secondary, needs to slow down Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin, not to mention Seattle’s rampaging defense.

"That’s the way a game is supposed to be played," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said when asked about snow games. "It’s supposed to be played outside, on the grass, and this is December football. We love it."

In a snowy game last week, the first December contest of the year, Green Bay beat Houston, 21-13. For his career, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is 15-2 at home in this month. Given the conditions expected for Sunday, and in recognition of Lambeau Field’s distinction as our favorite spot to snap photos and post them to social media, here are a bunch of great shots from that Packers’ victory over the Texans, courtesy of Instagram.

I’m already excited to see the pictures taken this weekend. Insta don’t mind ice.

Great time at Lambeau this past Sunday #throwbackthursday #Packers #Lambeau

A photo posted by Samuelkitchen93 (@samuelkitts93) on

#tbt to the snow globe of Lambeau Field!

A photo posted by Rob And Karen (@twoskis) on

#lambeaufield is such a legendary place. #gopackgo #frozentundra

A photo posted by Phillip Gregory (@catshirtphil) on

I'm a reindeer. Happy Holidays from us! #gopackgo

A photo posted by Benny D (@benjamindurocher) on

Take me back to the Frozen Tundra 💚💛

A photo posted by @lranderson03 on

We tried to take a cute pic but we failed 🍻🏈💛💚

A photo posted by Brooke Surber (@brookesurber) on

Another best weekend #tbt #gopackgo

A photo posted by Alex Kern (@akern12) on

Sunday it snowed and all disappeared by Monday and @shanaraves saw Carhartts in action for the first time. #GPG

A photo posted by Tomi Thompson (@tomithompson) on

A photo posted by Ryan Kopal (@ryankopal) on

Wirthy Wednesday with the goons #GoPackGo

A photo posted by Ben Wirth (@ben_wirth) on

Finally getting around to posting this amazing site from Lambeau Field! #gopackgo

A photo posted by Andy Coppens (@chiandy81) on

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, I say BULLSHIT! LAMBEAU FIELD IS!!! #GoPackGo #FrozenTundraGang

A photo posted by Stas Gorovits (@stizzy_24) on

Packer game fun!

A photo posted by Jesse Slaney (@jslay30) on

Got tickets to the Packer game for @smokeybear414 for his #birthdaypresent #greenbaypackers #gb #gopackgo

A photo posted by Angela Figueroa (@angiela85) on


A photo posted by Michael Flock (@flockaflocka77) on

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." There's nothing like football in the snow. ❄️️🏈🎅🌲

A photo posted by Next Fantasy Champion (@nextfantasychampion) on

Me and my packer backer convert 😍 #packers #lambeaufield #firstgame #welcometothefamily

A photo posted by David Koenig (@djkoenig) on

What an experience... #LambeauField #TravelingTexans #WeAreTexans @trvlngTxns @houstontexans @fredrick.carrera

A photo posted by Frank Carrera (@fcarrera3) on

What an experience... #LambeauField #TravelingTexans #WeAreTexans @trvlngTxns @houstontexans @fredrick.carrera

A photo posted by Frank Carrera (@fcarrera3) on

Had a wonderful time at the Frozen Tundra in the snow!

A photo posted by @austinmayse on


A photo posted by tasha (@tasha_elst0n) on

This was seriously one of the best #experiences I loved every minute of it! #🏈💚💛

A photo posted by Samantha Smith (@sammyfae85) on

By far one of the best. 💚🏈💛 #Lambeau #GreenBay#Wisconsin #Packers #Snowing #GoodPeople #NonStopLaughing #Happy

A photo posted by Kelsey Brabender (@brabender24) on

#lambeauleap #lambeaufield

A photo posted by @bernbeck31 on

After the game #lombardi

A photo posted by @bernbeck31 on

#lambeaufield #greenbaypackers

A photo posted by @bernbeck31 on

#packersgame #withtheonesyoulove

A photo posted by @bernbeck31 on

Lambeau Field!!!! #football #packers #withtheonesyoulove #nfl #awesome

A photo posted by @bernbeck31 on

Jamie, 7, wishes to meet @rcobb18 of the @packers! Thank you for making his wish so magical! #bethewish

A photo posted by Make-A-Wish NorCA/NorNV (@makeawishnecnv) on

Our love for the 💚 and 💛 is strong #instagay #instagame #gay #gopackgo #gpg

A photo posted by Rock-knee (@rockne808) on

Awesome weekend with the buddies and the Packers! #instagay #instagayboy #gopackgo #gpg #gopack

A photo posted by Rock-knee (@rockne808) on

The Frozen Tundra #photography #photos #lambeau #packers

A photo posted by A l e c 📷 (@always_journey) on

Tundra man and lucha libre man... too funny. #lambeau #luchalibre #tundra #nfl #packers #texans

A photo posted by Maggie Morrissey (@maggie.mo_) on

"You gotta be crazy to watch a football game in a snow storm" ..... "We're not crazy, we're Packer fans."

A photo posted by Isaiah Lancaster (@isaiahwildcat) on

Winter Wonderland #believe #gopackgo

A photo posted by DrAndy Kiefert (@drandykiefert) on

A truly special place. #lambeaufield #wisconsin #gopackgo #fuckembucky

A photo posted by Elliot Hoover (@elliotschatzhoover) on

😚🏈💚💛❄️ @tamburgrhelper

A photo posted by Olivia Palm (@olalalivia) on

Temperatures in the low 30's ✔️ Snow covered field ✔️ Johnsonville brat ✔️ A much needed Green Bay win! ✔️ Frozen Tundra, you did not disappoint. 💚💛 #experienceofalifetime #gopackgo #lambeaufield #thankfultuesday

A photo posted by Rachel Kaisler (@miss_sunshineandsquats) on

#packersvstexans #greenbay #packers #lambeaufield

A photo posted by Fawn T (@fawnlovely) on

Lambeau Leap.

A photo posted by Ian (@ian77379) on

Nothing beats Lambeau in the snow!

A photo posted by Michael Hardy (@michael_hardy0909) on

New yearly tradition! #GoPack #MiFamilia #Lambeau

A photo posted by @bdonais on

#greenbaypackers #lambeaufield #gopackgo this is the best place on earth:)

A photo posted by Katie Lynn Bocskor (@klb2422) on

What a great first experience in such a historic place - Texans vs Packers in the snow! 🧀🏈#BucketList

A photo posted by Daniel Velasco (@davelasco8) on

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